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@steveuk, some more info on the TV series about the Gettys. This may be to your liking.

FX could certainly fill a good niche for Disney:



Bring forth the Quidditch!




I rewatched Terriers with my wife last year (she hadn’t seen it before) and it was just as good as I remembered. I’d love to see it come back somewhere like Netflix or Hulu.


Yeah I would totally be down for that.


I loved Terriers. I really wish there was a DVD, as you can’t get it digitally over here (and it’s not on Netflix in the US anymore).




And the latest to join the “origins” bandwagon…


Well it looks like the ‘Cuckoo’ connection is just a way to get the show made, it’s really about the changing social and medical practice in mid-20th Century America;

“Michael Douglas is a producer on that show,” Murphy said. “He’s going to be very involved in the casting. He produced that movie so we’ve just begun to talk about who are the [potentials]. It’ll sort of be Sarah Paulson versus the male villain every year until you get to a worthy adversary. That’s the structure of that show but it has leaps of time forward because I’m interested in looking at health care in the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s and ultimately where it ends up in that last season.”

That could be a good show.


jeeeesus march 25… that’s a loooong way from now =(


I don’t like to naysay, but my desire to continue with American Gods is waning.


Yeah, she was one of the best things about that show.

At this rate she’s probably going to tell us that there’s no new Hannibal on the cards either.


According to the article though, she left the show because Fuller’s gone (or maybe the new showrunners didn’t bring her character back), so that bodes well for a potential Hannibal continuation.


Oh, I was only joking really. I don’t really expect more Hannibal at this point. I’d be happy if there was, though.


I don’t know. I want to see if the pace picks up first.


Everyone involved with Hannibal has said they’re willing to do more.

It just comes down to things like scheduling, getting someone to put up money, and whatever legal/contractual hurdles exist.