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That looks very good.



I watched the 90s film version recently and it was awful quite frankly. I’d be curious to see how the expand the idea though.



Happy dance!

And Pinky and the Brain would make for a great political satire in these troubled times!


Though it’s not airing until 2020, so who knows what US politics will be by then.


Who knows if there will be a US by then.




Disney, you need to stop

So, Zombie High School Musical… and the zombies look like Leto’s Joker…



Some interesting bits:

SVOD continues to see most growth – up 30%. As recently as 2010, online services accounted for just 4 of that year’s 216 series. In ’17, it accounted for 117 original scripted series.

That puts SVOD closer to spitting distance from broadcasters, who accounted for 153 original scripted series last year – the largest number broadcast ever has supported, Landgraf noted.

Pay cable is up 11% to 42 programs.

Meanwhile, basic cable series, which grew by leaps and bounds in the early 2010’s, declined 4% in ’17 compared to ’16, to a number that’s flat with 2014. But basic cable remains the largest single source of scripted series, Landgraf reminded reporters.



Awesome about Fargo.
Hope they scale it back though, after how Season 3 played out, I thought Season 2 hit the best balance.


March can’t come soon enough!


I liked season three the best so far. :man_shrugging:


I loved the first half, seriously, everything about that half was pitch perfect, but after that I think it kinda collapsed under its own weight.



Christ, that has me wishing the real zombie apocalypse happens before Feb 16th.


Nuke 'em from orbit…


Fuckin’ a!