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‘Lovecraft Country’ is still in development by Jordan Peele, but one of the historical inspirations for the novel, the guide to hotels, restaurants and gas stations that would serve black customers in pre-Civil Rights America, is being reprinted in facsimile edition;


Ah, shit.

I would say that I’d hope for Netflix or somebody to pick it up, but given that Max Landis is probably soon to be toxic, it looks like this is done with for good. Which is a shame.


It is a shame because Season 2 showed a lot of growth in the writing and in the narrative. But it was a fun ride while it lasted.



Did you end up watching this Dave?


Yes - I didn’t post about it because I actually found it quite disappointing. There were a few funny bits but it often felt quite lacking in laughs (and I say that as someone who loves Vic & Bob usually), and it was all a bit low-energy. Maybe that’s to be expected as they get older.

It was fun to see the return of old favourites like Graham Lister, and I’ll always like silly gags like the wig stuff, but it didn’t really capture the spirit of the old Big Night Out stuff for me.

Did you watch it?


Yeah. The Geordie Jeans celeb endorsements and the wig bits were pretty funny as were a few other bits throughout but I agree that overall it was a bit of a dud. The observational comedy bit was straight from Mortimer’s Athletico Mince podcast and, to be honest, is more surreal and funnier on that.






That aired here a few months ago. Pretty good.



What’s Kathie Lee gonna do without her drinkin’ buddy?


I thought the comic it’s based on by Chuck Forsman was pretty good.


Proof that the Today Show is an entertainment program, not a news program.


Well, I mean… yeah.


In Hoda’s defense, she does have journo cred.


That does look good. Neat concept.


I like Stephen Dorff. He had a good shot at being a huge movie star but chose things that lead him down a different path.

That’s not why I like him, I think he’s a good actor, but I wish him success with this.