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She was in both pilots. And apparently Robert Llewellyn was in both too, which I didn’t know.


Llewellyn’s autobiography, The Man In The Rubber Mask, includes an account of his experiences in the US with the sitcom producers handling Red Dwarf over there. It’s quite amusing.


I had to look this up, but the second pilot was apparently pretty hastily thrown together and only uses pre-existing Kryten footage (from the first pilot and from the UK Red Dwarf) for his scenes. It sounds pretty ramshackle. I’ve watched all of the original US pilot but never saw the second one.



Oh, that looks like a lot of fun actually.

Also like a good show to show in class. It’s a shame that Ireland or The Troubles aren’t on our senior classes curriculum currently.



I have zero interest in watching this.


I’m sure it’ll be as high quality as That’s My Bush!


And last just as long!



I stopped watching a few episodes into the 2nd series, it was just too mad. I imagine this will become a massive cult hit because it’s so completely fucking insane.




Seems like there are some worrying changes to the story and world.



Conflating the Envoys and Quellists does seem to be an odd thing to do, but it’s really more of a background element. And they might decide to go their own way with the story and not adapt Broken Angels or Woken Furies, so the Quellist stuff may be not even be relevant.



So…soft remake?
Might be an easy listening sort of watch.


It’s only going to be available (for now at least) on the all-Stargate website, so probably not worth it.


Probably. It’s, what, 10 ten-minute webisodes?
I’m just glad it’s going an easy route rather than something more bland.