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That will make the mooted Sky/Netflix deal awkward territory.


Hope you enjoy it. Season 2 turned me off completely to the show.




Let the mystery be solved: The Leftovers has won this year’s Uproxx Television Critics’ Poll.

Continuing a tradition that began in the HitFix days, we asked 55 critics for lists of both their 10 favorite overall shows of the year and their 10 favorite new shows. (Then, when we put them all together, a 1st place choice was worth 10 points, 2nd place 9 points, etc.) Peak TV really hit home in the poll this year: where in the 2016 overall poll, 103 different shows got at least one vote, this year 146 different shows got named by at least one critic. (Interestingly, the increase in new shows getting at least one vote was only from 67 to 70.)

In the end, though, there were consensus winners for both polls. The Leftovers — HBO’s alternately devastating and ridiculous epic about grief, loss, depression, the end of the world, and Tasmanian lion sex boats — handily won the overall poll, thanks to the passion of its supporters: other shows appeared on more ballots, but Leftovers received by far the most first-place votes.

The show it beat in the overall poll was the victor for the new shows poll: Hulu’s religious dystopian nightmare The Handmaid’s Tale, which finished well ahead of HBO’s star-studded Big Little Lies.



As the article points out, not the first attempt, but the first with Linehan writing.

Still, part of the appeal of the original version was the chemistry of the actors, which is going to be hard to replicate. Linehan’s comments suggest that they’re actively aiming for something different, which seems wise.


You know what I always found weird?
Whenever they bring back one of the British actors for the American attempts.

They did it with the Red Dwarf U.S. Pilot and the previous IT Crowd Pilot. Always feel awkward to me.


the pilot for the first attempt is on YouTube, and it’s dire, basically a remake of the first episode of the UK show with some minor alterations, all of which make it worse.

Yeah, Moss is played by Richard Ayoade in it, they call out that he moved to the US from the UK, kinda suggesting that he’s the same Maurice Moss, and yet he doesn’t notice that the exact same thing happened to him before?


And Kryten was Kryten. Like, with Being Human U.S., I think an all new cast just starts off at least in a good direction.

And speaking of dire Pilots the U.S. version of Peep Show also on YouTube and it is horrendous. It makes the U.S. Coupling look like a masterpiece. Instead of changing the gags to suit their style, they instead do very logic jumping recontextualizations that come off as insane.


In the first pilot attempt, yeah. They asked Chris Barrie to play Rimmer in the second (which was the one with Terry Farrell as Cat), and he turned them down.


It’s an enormous part of any sitcom really.

I think it’s a large reason a lot of sitcom versions fail, in both directions. There are a few US to UK conversions that are dreadful. Brighton Belles (Golden Girls) anyone?

It’s a rather indefinable thing, when I first heard they were making a US version of Shameless I thought it was the least likely show ever to translate and a crazy idea and it worked.


David Tennant in the US version of Broadchurch.


John Colicos in the human version of Battlestar Galactica



Scroll up Eduardo :wink:



Which was the one with Jane Leeves as Holly? The first one?


Somehow I missed all that. I will blame it on not drinking any coffee this morning.