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The book started out interesting but quickly became pretty dull and completely lost it’s way by the end. It’ll be interesting to see if the show is able to fix the books problems.


The Leftovers has a very specific theme that they develop beautifully and illustrate perfectly with an excellent resolution to cap it all off. The theme is what’s important, and the answer to the mystery doesn’t matter with regard to the theme.

I find delivering answers to please an audience is more of a cop out than staying true to your theme and focusing on getting your point across above all else to give the story its true purpose.

The illustrated theme and resolution left me floored and spoke to me in this very specific time of my life where I’m experiencing so much tragedy and so much joy simultaneously. It’s not going to have the same impact on everybody, and that’s ok. Controversy is what gives art long life.



This is deeply unnecessary. I loved Big Little Lies, but it works perfectly well as a self-containced story. It feels like a waste of Andrea Arnold too. I hope she gets to do another movie soon.



No mention of Veep’s final season in the Coming in 2018 part of the trailer, which I guess means they don’t know if JLD will be well enough to film anytime soon. :frowning:


They can always replace it with more Brain Dead.


Netflix is trying to get in on that sweet sweet high fantasy tv viewership.



More like the gamer community.

It’s a bit weird really that after almost ten years of Game of Thrones, no studio has adapted more of the proper high fantasy classics. Okay, amazon threw a bit of small change at Shannara, which was always a crap series. But you’d think someone would have something like Williams’ Osten Ard novels in development by now (especially given that George RR Martin has mentioned those as a key influence).


Isn’t Wheel of Time in development somewhere?




Shame they didn’t pick one of the good high fantasy cycles, then.

It remains to be seen if Wheel of Time can truly make it out of development hell, anyway.


I still get angry when I remember how many of the shitty Wheel of Time books before I stopped listening to my friends about how good they were. Oh, the next book is much better they said.
And for too long I believed them.

Terrible, terrible books.


I only read the first one, wide-eyed with amazement that such a shittily-written, entirely derivative book was supposed to be the start of the biggest, best-selling high fantasy series.


Wasn’t there a really terrible pilot for a Wheel of Time TV show a few years ago? It got like one airing on a local TV station so the rights wouldn’t revert to Robert Jordan’s widow or something.


So there was! Billy Zane was involved, to no-one’s surprise:



For your own sake, do not ever look at a Terry Goodkind book - it makes Jordan look great.