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The Happy! pilot is free on Youtube:



Adam Savage has a couple of videos from his perspective on the cameo they highlighted in that reel


New teaser seems to only be on Facebook at the moment so I have no idea how to embed it here.

It’s been a while since I read the book, was Kovac’s original sleeve Asian? I thought his name was more an example of merged cultures.


It’s been a while for me too. So much so that I can’t remember if I read the second book or not. I do think there was an Asian body/sleeve in there somewhere with a hint toward his mixed Japenese/Polish? heritage.



Old Man’s War has a lot of potential for a TV show, it’s a fun, action-packed story.

And as per Theodore Beale’s frequent predictions, this clearly means Scalzi’s 15 minutes are up.


Kovack’s homeworld was settled by Japanese oligarchs with an Eastern European underclass, IIRC. But his original sleeve was left behind long before the start of Altered Carbon


I also believe we’re ready for a REDSHIRTS movie or maybe limited series.


I think that’s just a cop out and it’s regularly used by writers who don’t have the talent or imagination to answer the questions or complete a story, so they just leave things unanswered

They then come up with this rather pretentious explanation of oh the show is not about answering the questions it’s about how people react to being in situation A

In other words they’ve thought of an idea but not an ending and they are using the modern day get out clause for not being able to write their way out of the premise they’ve set up.

I didn’t mind 10 years ago, but now it happens with increasing regularity and it’s a device for writers to hide behind.


It’s been in development hell for quite some time, but it’s my favourite Scalzi book so fingers crossed.


I have to agree with this. Imagine if a writer wrote a murder-mystery and didn’t know who the murderer was.

Even if you don’t want to reveal the secrets for the sake of the story or leave things open to interpretation the writer should still have his version of them in his head!


I don’t to be honest Chris. I think the ‘answers’ are quite often the most uninteresting things from shows framed that way (which Leftovers wasn’t from the start but I agree Lost was or BSG).

What can it be? It is aliens or God or something. Nobody seems pleased unless it is a solid scientific answer that’s impossible.

Is there a single example of a show of that kind of premise that really delivered?


Like Twin Peaks?


Quantum Leap.


You mean Batman: Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb?


To be fair, I always hear that’s the weakest part of that story by far.





While I understand the point of view, it really depends on the story. Some stories are meant to by about solving a mystery and some aren’t. I think LOST, for example, sold itself on the premise of this mystery island where we’d get answers. The Leftovers, however, was never meant to be about why everyone vanished, but how the people left behind cope with it. How it changed the world, and how it changed specific people’s lives is the story. If and/or how they find ways to move on after a loss they can’t comprehend is the point. If that’s not your thing, that’s cool, but it’s unfair to call it a cop out.

I understand people getting caught up by big questions revolving around the catalytic events, but the answer to those questions isn’t always the end of the story being told.

The book the show is based on wasn’t about answering why people vanished either. It was about how this crazy event affected a family. The showrunners took that and ran with it. And in my opinion they handled it very well.