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All of Liquid Television, the groundbreaking MTV TV animation which gave us Beavis and Butt-Head and Aeon Flux is now in the Internet Archive

I’m gonna mainline me some Speedbump the Roadkill Possum later.


Ah, I used to love Liquid TV when it was shown on Def II.


I loved Liquid Television.



We don’t really have an internet video/content thread but I know a bunch of people visit the site so I thought it was worth mentioning.’s parent company has apparently laid off something like 90% of the talent and writing staff. Cracked as its been known for years is basically over. Who knows what the future holds for it now. There’s probably a good chance that it’s dead though.

(Insanely, the parent company bought it last year for $39 million and then this year decided they had over paid by $35 million!)


Maybe now it can go back to its roots as a webcomic version of MAD.


It looks like it will hit their video section the hardest. I’m sure they have stuff in the can but the coming weeks will be interesting to see.


Hmm, I like the people who do (did?) their videos, but most of their text articles are by freelancers, who have to go through one of the worst submission processes around, so shitty new owners probably won’t make much difference there.


Yeah, it’s really ridiculously shite.


I had no problem with it and had my very first pitch accepted :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If it really wanted to get back to it’s roots it would have to be a print knockoff of MAD.


Yeah, I know - I had some issues of the magazine. But even MAD had to go quarterly, so I figure that a knockoff wouldn’t be able to go print again.


The comic book is basically Who Framed Roger Rabbit meets Crank! meets Taken. Honestly, it felt like it was written by Garth Ennis rather than Morrison. It may have been because Morrison wanted to be more commercial and edgy like Millar and Ennis, actually.

If so, it worked. I can’t remember anything else Morrison’s written that’s made it to the movies or television.


It genuinely is my favourite Morrison book in a long while. I think due to his meta surrealist tendencies when he decides to go relatively straight I love it. It’s still him, I first got into his work when not everything was a commentary on something else.

Loved ‘Happy!’ Very few recent comics make me laugh out loud but that did a few times, loved Vinarama too for much the same reasons. He can be really funny.

Grant has probably figured out finally that nobody is queueing up to adapt multilayered meta commentary on a comic line from 1938. As with Millar, present a nice and easy concept.


The show is being written and directed by one of the director of Crank.


When was that? I been reading him since Zenith and everything was commentary on something else even back then. :wink:

Seriously, though, Zenith was pretty good and way ahead of its time like The Elementals and Moore’s Marvelman/Miracleman.

Was there a new Zenith story recently?


Looks like the video posted yesterday was the last one. Nothing new today unless they are going to come out on a more infrequent basis. I have my doubts.



It was a short text story done in the style of an interview (Zenith being interview for his 50th birthday).


New Big Night Out coming from Vic and Bob over Christmas!

The first I’d heard of this.