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Oh yes, that will slide in nicely after the second half of DISCO series 1



I chose my words carefully.




Yeah, okay. That looks really good.

Very much looking forward to it.


I’m not a big Joel Kinnaman fan, but that does look rather good.


The book Altered Carbon is fantastic, I have high hopes for this.


Oh, that would be so stupid. The first series ended perfectly.

Miqque’s right, Scorpion is a lot of fun. Not at all serious but that’s its charm.


Starring the best male actor from MAN OF STEEL.



Those are definitely real. Some of the shots were in the teaser. It’s VERY Bladerunner looking in the city designs but at this point that’s just generic cyberpunk design. That said it looks great and there’s some really cool stuff even in those short previews.


I feel like, taking into account the fact The Orville stayed afloat so well this season, that Altered Carbon is the point where, at least on TV, genre isn’t genre any more… It is the mainstream. Even four years ago a show like this would be sidelined by the majority of audience - Look at the genre shows with massive budgets in the last ten years that failed - I think Altered Carbon could very well be the point where the majority of basic TV audience finally escape that sort of “I don’t watch stuff like that” attitude when they ask on Facebook what’s a good show to watch or they simply click in of their own volition.

It feels like a turning point to me.


I think Game of Thrones helped that a lot - there’s a sense of legitimacy around adaptations of literary SF now, which is why SyFy leaned hard into it with Childhood’s End, The Expanse and sometime in the future Hyperion. Amazon have The Man in the High Castle and Ringworld, Hulu has The Handmaid’s Tale, Ancillary Justice is in production with Fox - and they’re all hewing close to the source material compared to other long-form adaptations.



huh I didn’t realise this was Brian Taylor thing… I might watch it just for that, 'cause I don’t think I really went past a couple of pages of the CB… but this looks maybe okay =P


I agree completely. Legitimizing storytelling with dragons in such a wide-reaching, cultural way meant that people who “didn’t watch stuff like that” were constantly being told they were missing out and when they gave in, found out that they had been.

I think The Walking Dead helped to a degree, too. That very much legitimized the horror aspect of genre, so now you have fantasy and horror as two of the biggest shows of the last 10 years - arguably thee two biggest - and it seems right now that Altered Carbon could be where the Sci-Fi edge of genre legitimizes in the same way, but from a far better vantage point than those other shows, to a point where normal mainstream audience jump on from the begining without a second thought.

All the other shows you mentioned have helped get the mainstream audience to this point to, I agree, and one not on the list which I think has been a major bridge in the last year has been Westworld.

It’s amazing to be in this place, I remember 20 years ago watching The Matrix and feeling “We’re finally in the system. We’re finally on the way to being so much more on the screen,” but to actually be at this point where a calibre of trailer for a TV show drops like that, never mind a cyberpunk TV show… It’s pretty awesome.


Person of Interest is another show that helped the genre on TV. What started as a basic procedural evolved into a war between two AIs and their human allies.

Hell, Rick and Morty combines outrageous cartoon sci fi comedy with poignant family drama.

The main thing that helped genre TV is the level of writing on the shows. The good ones are very character driven and the viewer connects with the characters. The skeleton is the characterization and the flesh hung on them is the genre.


Westworld is definitely a major point as well, good point.


Yes, definitely POI! We have had great writing in genre for such a long time, but it really took shows like Person of Interest, as you mentioned, to make fantastical elements grounded enough for people not to balk at the thought of something out of their comfort zone. Look how well Futurama and BSG were written, but mainstreamers just weren’t open. POI and GOT had a brilliant edge in that they could bring more and more elements of genre in as they went along, only really now, I think, people are up for jumping on board something like Altered Carbon without thinking because they’ve had those entry points beforehand leading them into genre style television. You could track genre TVs rise through Buffy, to Lost and right up through all the shows we’ve mentioned.


Don’t know if we’ll get to see this series any where outside of Japan but I read and really enjoyed the first entry in the series and would definitely be interested in watching this if it becomes available.