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Andrea’s back??? :star_struck:


I’d never watched it, but accidentally caught half an episode a few weeks ago. With no idea of the characters or set-up, I still found all the gags really funny. One day I’ll try to catch the whole series from the start.


Come on, Todd, there are rules for how we talk to other posters :angry:


I actually really like Last Man on Earth. The main character is (purposefully) obnoxious as hell. It’s goofy, but also occasionally manages to be quite heartbreaking. Sometimes it’s downright depressing, really.


I was talking about LoSH. :wink:



You do that, it’s really good fun. And one of the series that grows on you the more they explore the characters.


Hopefully a proper trailer soon.



I’d watch it.



I’m very intrigued by this one.


Yeah an existential spy thriller sounds like an interesting idea.




It’ll be interesting to see how this does. First German Netflix production, and I think pretty much outside of the normal German TV production process.



It’s what Pankhurst would have wanted.


It’s funny, as soon as the trailer started my first thought was ‘this feels a bit like 6 Feet Under’ for some reason so it was interesting to see that the show is created by Alan Ball.

At least from this trailer this does seem like ‘HBO does This Is Us’ though.