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Oomph, that’s rough.





This pretty much sums it up:

Fuller and Green, creators and executive producers on the series, are said to be departing after clashing with FremantleMedia over budget and creative direction. Fuller and Green were said to have been pushing for an increase to the series’ budget for season two. Sources close to the production said that the per-episode budget for “American Gods” season two already nearly $10 million.


Looking for a light hearted, binge watchable comedy that I can stream. Got through Brooklyn 99 which was great. Diving into Superstore. How’s Last Man on Earth?


It’s okay… very black comedy at times. Honestly I was kind of shocked that it was still on. I had completely forgotten about it.


Last man on earth mostly disappointed me. Has some good moments tho. Have you watched parks and rec yet? The good place? The latter might not be comfortable for you yet, it’s your call… but it’s a great little comedy.


I catch ‘2 Broke Girls’ from time to time. It’s kinda hit-or-miss, but does bring some funny. Personally, I find Scorpion hilarious.


I will laugh so much if Fuller returns to Star Trek Discovery long enough to write the series 2 storyline and then leaves again.


Search Party may tickle your fancy.


Parks and rec was amazing. I want to watch the good place but Hulu only has second season. Also wanted to watch modern family, but again Hulu only has season
No 8 and 9. Any streaming services have full series for either of those shows?

I’ll investigate Scorpian and Search Party. Two broke girls mostly just gets on my nerves :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions all!


Search Party is good, but it’s one of those shows that says it’s a comedy but is mostly just a whinging drama.


My suggestions:

  • You’re The Worst
  • Bojack Horseman
  • Rick and Morty
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


The Good Place S1 is on Netflix.


Watching the Vikings season premier last night and they had Knightfall adverts for every commercial break. And there were lots of commercial breaks. I watch almost exclusively on-demand these days so it was a bit insufferable. That said, I’ll be tuning in, and I’m looking forward to the Gunpowder show with Jon Snow (it’s on HBO here in a couple of weeks).

I can tell I’m a middle aged white guy when all my favorite shows are things that could be on the history channel.



To be fair to you Jim TV has gone a little weird, I would never have expected a big budget period drama on a documentary channel.

Forgetting the business aspects though if it is a good show that ticks your boxes, who cares who shows it?




So much want this: