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The book is cyberfuck as punk, so looking like Blade Runner is a good look. The story is what will set it apart though.


The story is definitely hardcore cyberpunk but the descriptions of the setting never felt very Blade Runner. I was hoping for a more distinctive look rather than relying on the fairly cliched and overused aesthetic inspired by a film that’s over 30 years old.


Are you not familiar with Hollywood or something?


I don’t remember any Hollywood in the book.


It was in between the sex scenes


If it wants to be faithful to the book, then it should really push more toward derivative and cliched.


Something for @Jim:


I’ve been binging season 4 in anticipation. It’s better than I remembered and the sons are less annoying that the first time around. Looking forward to this new season. It’s all I have left after Spartacus, Marco Polo and Black Sails ended. Though I’m planning on watching Turn this winter.


Turn is good but not as strong as those others. I think you’d enjoy Peaky Blinders much more. It’s on par with those other shows.

Edit: …in terms of badassery.


There are a couple coming out soon that seems to fit the same historical epic genre.


The Last Kingdom (kind of alt-Vikings) and Frontier might be your kind of thing too (both on netflix)… not as good as those, but eh… good enough =P

I’m gonna watch Norsemen soon, see if it’s good or not…

Edit: Eh nevermind Norsemen was a quite shit. “Comedy”… =/


Some disappointing news.


More disappointing news:

(On the other hand, new French & Saunders, new League of Gentlemen and new Doctor Who mean that there will be a bit of decent stuff to watch over the festive period.)


Ah damn. At the same time, he did almost have a nervous breakdown at the end of the Wipe a year or two ago


The 2016 Wipe was crazy. So much stuff to cram in. It felt like it should have been about three hours long.


I have never cared for Fallon. I have always found him shallow and annoying.


This story will always endear me to Fallon (or is it endear him to me?)


Fallon must make a blood sacrifice before an altar to Lorne Michaels every morning.