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Why don’t they just use the actor who played his twin on Arrested Development?

Wait. What?


Is anyone watching this show? It seems like it would be up the alley of a lot of people here but I haven’t heard much about it despite about to start its third season.

(Honestly, what I find most exciting about it is that it might mean we’ll see the trailer for the third season of Expanse soon.)


I am. S1 took a while to get going, but I liked S2 a lot. Really looking forward to S3.


Me too. I think I may have mentioned it here a time or two. :slight_smile: The books are a lot of fun also.


My aunt HATED the books. Which is probably part of why I never started on the series.


The books are kinda shag-y and sweary. And there is a great big F-Off dragon (literally). The characters are all a bit deranged and debauched.
Hence the fun.

Also, I adore Quentin.





I hate watched the first season and most of the second, but when the characters just kept making the same stupid choices over and over again I had to quit.

The first book is about as bad a book as I have ever read. Poorly written and pointlessly nasty with Quentin being the worst main character since the boorish prick in the Confederacy of Dunces.
The twist was pretty good though.


Watched some of season 1. It was okay, but not actually good. I did like how the big bad was staged.

Anyway, I’m about halfway through season 1 and I’ll pick up there again when I run out of current shows that I more urgently want to watch.




The article lost me near the end but yeah that’s a problem I’ve noted in some shows as well.

Or even that movie 40 Days and 40 Nights.


Hell, The Orville episode, “Cupid’s Dagger” was hugely problematic and very troubling as was its resolution.

That episode needed heavy rewrites or simply should not have been done.





And my l-tryptophan-laden eyes read that as “Tower of London” and thought, yeah, there’s some prime comedy!