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I don’t think we need Poirot on the case for this one.


Yeah, Poirot hates jungles. This looks like a case for Dirk Pitt.




Good news;

BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner said Mr Allen had asked to be rescued and efforts were under way to retrieve him.

“Asked to be rescued”? It doesn’t get much more British than that.



I watched it last night. There is wiggle room to bring the character back, if the producers desire. The producers are saying the character is dead but that could be smoke and mirrors.



I loved Spitting Image. I wonder if the remake will be as daring as the original was. I remember my parents not being happy with me watching it for a while. It was a lot more insulting and confrontational than what you normally get in US political satire.


There has actually been a similar show running in France ever since 1988 (so not long after Spitting Image started) that is still going today, called Les Guignols de l’info. I watched it when I lived there. It was ok but didn’t seem to have quite as much ‘bite’ as Spitting Image, when I watched it at least.

I think the script is what makes or breaks these shows, really. The puppets are fun and often brilliantly made, but to make an impact I think it needs to be as smart and well-targeted as the original Spitting Image was in its prime.


The only reason I ever knew Spitting Image existed was because of Land of Confusion.


Yeah I think a lot of US people saw the puppets only through that video.

It was a really searing show though, a couple of senior British politicians, David Steel and Roy Hattersley think it actively harmed their careers.


The trouble with Spitting Image is that the memory of it has grown so large and gilded that nothing can ever really satisfy people who miss it. I’m too young to remember it first hand, but all my life there’s been people saying “bring back Spitting Image, that’ll sort these politicians out alright” and then completely ignoring any new shows that attempt to fill that void (2DTV, to an extent, Newzoids recently on ITV). I doubt a revived Spitting Image will match up to the memory of the old one (so probably a good thing it’s being done in the US).


As much as I loved Whitest Kids U’Know, this just sound like a bad idea.


The issue may be more with the change in mainstream impact. Spitting Image was prime time big viewing numbers, the two shows you mentioned I have never heard of.




The first time I encountered it wasn’t this, though, but the Street Fighter-style video game.



How does the show continue without him?


The only thing I can imagine is re-casting him. If you no longer have the trans parent in the show Transparent, it begs the question of what the point is. But I guess the writers will be figuring it out?