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And not Kings?
For shame.




Multi-season? Was three nine-hour films not enough?!


Nah, we need to see the minutae of each step they took on those mountains.


It seems to be set between Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings. Or perhaps before both? It’s not entirely clear, it just says the series ‘will explore new storylines preceding Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring.’


Oh, well that’s entirely less pointless.
No joke, stuff can be done there. Just no hobbit stuff.


Good people, doing good work = good series.

I’m interested.


They don’t have any writers working on it yet, good or bad. That’s not a good sign.


They’ve only just announced that they will make the show.

But I get what you’re saying; we don’t have a direction for it yet. They’ve made a deal and now they’re looking for what actually do with the property?


More, preciouss! We gets more!


This might actually be an interesting angle.




Breaking news which might either hinder or hasten the project. Probably the latter I suspect.


Re Christopher Tolkien resignation, found out from other sites that apparently, although the news has just broken, he actually resigned in private a couple of months ago at the end of August.

I guess it is difficult not to assume then that this was a ‘clearing of the way’ type exercise of some kind.


He’s also (as the article notes) 93. If he wants to move on from the pressure to authorise more works derived from his father’s writings, a pressure that must’ve been pretty much a constant feature of his life for decades, that makes perfect sense.


While I didn’t find the comic to be anything special it’s looking like the TV series is going to be a lot of fun.



TV news because he’s documenting his trip for broadcast.

He chose not to take a satellite phone, GPS or anyone else with him.

He’s the expert explorer, not me, but I respectfully think those were not great decisions.