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Wasn’t someone else working on this already? Or had amazon done a pilot of it?


I think Simon Pegg was trying to do something with it.



That sounds great. Pugh is brilliant in Lady Macbeth, if people don’t know her.


It was originally going to be on Cinemax, but it’s moved to Amazon


Ah thanks for clarifying.




The therapist from the Mars Trilogy?


Not really sure if this is the place to post this but… sigh…


Didn’t realize a Deadly Class show was in the works. I really like the comic, so I hope they can adapt it well.



Oooo. I like the sound of that.


Just want to take a moment here to bask in the joyous Truth that comics (and not just the superhero kind) have become a legitimate and serious source for big-screen and small-screen entertainment.

So when is someone going to take a crack at Jeff Smith’s Bone?


I could have sworn it got optioned several years ago but nothing came of it.

EDIT: Actually it was only last year so maybe it still is in the works.


Ooh, wonder who’ll play them darn rat creatures.



By Kenneth Lonergan, of Manchester By the Sea.



As I said on Facebook, I’m always down for more Deadwood but on the other hand I loved how the show ended and don’t feel that it needed more.