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You pay for it by the hour.


Brian Grazer originally bought the rights for The DeVinci Code with the intention of using it for the basis of season of 24, so I’m guessing anything is possible.


Yes, but Jack Bauer trying to find the blood of christ instead of some paunchy professor would have been amazing.


I’d love to see a disaster movie in the style of 24. Focus on rescue crews and hospital staff as well as victims caught in the disaster, that would be pretty epic.

Something military would work potentially, too, focusing on a specific battle or seige.

Courtroom drama though? The only reason courtroom drama works is they time cheat, so it’s a pretty ridiculous format for it.


Oh oh oh oh

Deathrace 24!!!


Now that you mention it…the idea reminds me of this bit from Starship Troopers.

A Murderer was captured this morning and tried today. Execution live at 6. All Net All Channels.


What we’re overlooking is that almost every movie would be changed for the better by swapping out the main character with Jack Bauer…Beetlejuice. Sliding Doors. Predator. The English Patient.



The Lost Boys: 24.



24 hours Lost Boys with Jack Bauer taking on his long lost vampire twin!


You’re not thinking big enough. How about Tango and Bauer…Or Bauer and Cash?






Wait… I think I did it wrong.


Are these what you meant to post?





Yeah, okay. There’s a lot of potential there. Hope it gets picked up by one of my streaming services here.