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That looks good but my worry is with the team behind it they just set out to shock, which I’m a bit bored with just now when it comes to tv.


More Expanse season 3 casting

If you’ve read the books the description of Nadine Nicole’s character makes it very clear who she’s playing.


Glad to see Jeff Kober again in a recurring role (even though I don’t watch NCIS); he did a great job in Season 4 of The Walking Dead as the leader of that roving gang that Darryl falls in with after he loses Beth.


Huh, a lot of people were expecting Florence Faivre to play Melba/Clarissa on account of her still being in the main cast, and the novels describing her as looking incredibly like Julie


I would assume she’s being kept on for flashbacks.


Yeah, but her name is still in the opening credits as of series 2


She was in half of series 2.



NOOOOO! Blocked.




It seems unfair that so many people’s jobs will be effectively lost over a guy being a creepy, drunken, peado asshole in the 80s.


That’s true. That is unfair.
But the show was way past its expiration date.


There’s every indication that it wasn’t just in the 80s and that he continued to display this kind of behavior even on the set of HoCs. There were tabloid stories about him harassing young male actors during production just a couple years ago.


It’s an easier pill to swallow if that’s the reason production ends, but suspended production leaves a lot of the cast and crew in no man’s land.


If that’s true, I suppose the complicit nature of the cast and crew means it doesn’t seem quite as unfair.


About a thousand people work on a TV show or a movie. That’s everyone from the director to the person who sweeps up the coffee cups after the rest of the crew goes home at the end of filming each day. I’m not going to assume that they all turned a blind eye to abusive behaviour and I don’t know how to perfectly isolate the ones who did.

This is a revolution in progress, hopefully we’ll see a industry that is far less tolerant of abuses of power, but while some of the guilty will be punished (and some won’t) there will also be people who did nothing wrong, but become caught in the consequences too.

And the sucks.

But it’s going to happen.




A real time legal drama? :neutral_face: