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In generations to come, people will be now confused by both the (second) B and the C in BOBFOC


I picked up a copy at lunchtime today, and jumped straight to the Tucker/Partridge bit.

I won’t post it all (you have to buy it for that), but here’s a taster of what to expect. Click for the full pic.

Loads of other good stuff in this issue too - articles by Iannucci and Stewart Lee, an interview with Susan Calman, a discussion between Iannucci and John Oliver, and loads more besides.

Well worth grabbing a copy!


I think it’s worth it just for “Jesus Christ on a fucking Nando’s”


And for the cover image (which will please all those writers of Twelfth Doctor/Gareth Cheeseman crossover fan-fiction).


I blame it on the criminals just not being sexy enough for modern TV.




We’ve got a version of Crimewatch here that was just dropped into the Death Slot of 2pm weekdays.

With just so much crime on tv and in reality, there has to be some point the tide turns around and starts to go out. I keep looking for a return of a different type of entertainment - maybe something along the lines of Wide World of Sports or Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. A shift back from “get something” (usually “for nothing”, which never turns out well) to “learn something”.



Castle Rock looks good - loved the music in that trailer, very effective



This is looking so good. Can’t wait for it to hit.



Bright is really ticking off a lot of the boxes on my checklist.


The Scripted World-produced project, based on the hot Israeli drama format Your Honor (Kvodo), has been shepherded by the creators of two acclaimed legal drama series, Peter Moffat, whose BAFTA-winning Criminal Justice was the basis for HBO’s praised limited series The Night Of, and The Good Wife‘s Robert and Michelle King.

Written by British TV writer/playwright Moffat, Your Honor rips through all strata of Chicago society. It follows the son of a respected judge who is involved in a hit and run. Soon after they are both drawn into a high-stakes game of lies, deceit and impossible choices when it comes to light that the victim was the son of a notorious crime boss.

Moffat and the Kings teaming up feels like a TV legal drama supergroup. I just hope it’s better than Undercover, his last legal show, which was completely awful.


Finished watching Halt And Catch Fire on Amazon Prime.

The series was free up to the last two episodes which cost £2.49 each. Is this a new ploy?

Its a bit like giving someone a book to read but keeping the last two pages which they have to give you money if they want to read them.


Yeah, it’s happened to me as well. Like, with the Warburton Tick series, which has some episodes randomly licensed out to “Amazon Channels” another in-line subscription service.


Welcome to Scientology.


I was surprised at how much I liked the first ep of JVCJ; I’m definitely on board for more.

The Chi looks very good without giving a lot away about what it is.