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That looks fantastic!


I can honestly say…I did not watch the original Roswell for that stuff, as it was played with very sparingly and with a focus on them being actual aliens, and given that Supergirl also “tackled” these issues with a sci-fi context in an extremely abysmal way…






I just noticed that Fox UK’s Adult Swim block has disappeared. That’s the third or fourth time Adult Swim in the UK has failed (Once on CNX, once on TCM, once on Fox and I think on Bravo at one point). Apparently it ended last month.
I only found out because I saw an advert for Rick and Morty repeats starting on Comedy Central, which seemed odd, and looked to see what Fox still had and found it to be gone completely. Now, given that after they lost out on Rick and Morty season 3 to Netflix the general quality of the shows left was pretty fucking awful, it’s not a great loss, but it does mean when/if Venture Bros comes back with more episodes, it hasn’t got a UK broadcaster again. (And Robot Chicken too, come to think of it).


They’ve said next November. So they have over a year now to find one for them.


Robot Chicken just had a Walking Dead special air last weekend.


There isn’t a radio drama thread, so I’ll put this in TV;


Two chilling dramas come to Radio 4 this Halloween as the station celebrates Fright Night: Jane Lake and The Unquenchable Thirst Of Dracula.

Mark Gatiss directs Hammer Horror’s Unquenchable Thirst Of Dracula, an unmade Hammer Horror script set in 1930s India. Lewis MacLeod (Dead Ringers) channels Christopher Lee as Dracula, whilst Michael Sheen narrates. The cast includes Nikesh Patel (Indian Summers, Midnight’s Children), Meera Syal, Kulvinder Ghir, Anna Madeley, Ayesha Dharker and Raj Ghatek and is adapted for radio by Mark Gatiss and Laurence Bowen.

Hammer Films is synonymous with horror, after defining the genre in Britain with classics including Dracula, The Curse Of Frankenstein and The Mummy. This new Radio 4 dramatisation is the first new Hammer Dracula production in 43 years and is part of Radio 4’s ongoing Unmade Movie series.

Mark Gatiss says: “What better way to celebrate Hallowe’en than with a lost Hammer movie? And not just any Hammer movie! Anthony Hind’s thrillingly titled The Unquenchable Thirst Of Dracula is a wonderful, rich and atmospheric script and way ahead of its time - set in the 30s, a sort of ‘Heat and Dust and Fangs’! It was nearly made in the early 70s on location in India and I was thrilled to assemble a fantastic cast headed by Nikesh Patel, Michael Sheen, Meera Syal and Anna Madeley to bring this forgotten gem to gory life.”

Michael Sheen says: "The prospect of a long lost Dracula script offering itself to me like a succulent pale neck was just too tempting. I devoured it in one sitting and cannot promise I won’t strike again.”



There’s a general radio thread:


And not desperately well frequented audio drama thread…

A Hammer Horror for audio sounds fantastic by the way…


Peter Dinklage, Charles Dance to Executive Produce ‘Quasimodo’

Game of Thrones stars Peter Dinklage and Charles Dance have joined epic series Quasimodo, a new adaptation of Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as executive producers.

The series, which Game of Thrones executive producer Frank Doelger is attached to produce, alongside The Frankenstein Chronicles’ Tracey Scoffield and David Tanner, is being written by Ashley Pharoah (The Living and the Dead).

It’s one of the first drama pitches to come out of Atrium TV, a new association of international streaming and telecommunication platforms that was launched earlier this year and is run by former Sony boss Howard Stringer and Jeremy Fox, chairman of British distributor DRG.

Atrium’s members include European telecommunication giants such as France’s Orange, Deutsche Telekom in Germany and Telefonica’s TV outlet Moviestar in Spain as well as Asian streaming firm Iflix. The company’s concept is to co-develop and co-finance high-end television for international platforms that they alone could not afford to bankroll.

Other new projects unveiled by Atrium at TV market MIPCOM in Cannes Monday include Jerusalem, a drama tracing the rich and bloody history of the holy city that is written by Russell Rothberg, former head of drama development at Universal Television; Perfect People, a genetic engineering thriller adapted from the best-selling book of the same name from Shades of Blue showrunner Adi Hasak; and the zombie actioner State of Decay, adapted from the Microsoft X-Box video game, which was presented by showrunner Stephen McPherson, a former president of ABC


It better be as soul crushingly depressing as the book.
I’ve had enough of the disneyfied stuff.


Based on the comic:


That’s the lad from that Black Mirror episode, isn’t it? I thought he was pretty good in that.


The new issue of The Big Issue is guest edited by Armando Iannucci, and has a debate on Brexit between Alan Partridge and Malcolm Tucker:


Holy shit, I’m gonna have to buy a big issue



Red Dwarf XII
Episode 2, ‘Siliconia’.

More great stuff and I am pretty sure this is Naylor’s personal homage to J. M. Barrie’s ‘The Admirable Crichton’.

Same basic plot, servants and master’s roles are reversed and then reversed back again.

Kryten’s back story if you like.

Even has Crichton’s/Kryten’s ‘I know my place’ meme going on.


That’s a really good casting. He was just okay in IT but I really liked his performance in Bloodlines and think he would work well for the character.