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Bryan Talbot’s web site is reporting this:

Sunday October 8th 2017 update:
Exclusive breaking news: Grandville Optioned for TV series!
The rights option for a proposed Grandville TV series have been bought by Euston Films.
The series would be a mixture of live action, with CGI for animal and other effects. They say ‘Writer Julian Simpson is working on the development of a TV adaptation of Bryan Talbot’s ground breaking series of graphic novels with Euston Films (part of FremantleMedia UK), under the collective title Grandville.’ They are currently in the process of attaching a director.
You heard it here first!


That does look like it might be fun.

First Preacher, then this… Rogen and Goldberg are certainly doing a lot of TV right now.



A fun little interview with some nice teases for the upcoming series.




So… it’s a bit like those Choose Your Own Adventure books, yeah?

I’m sure it’s fun, but… when it said “interactive App” was kinda hoping for something more radical. Augmented-reality-style. You know, something that uses real space in some way. That’d actually be something different.

(And harder to actually do, obviously, because of data rates…)

((I’ve been thinking about doing something like that, a murder mystery set in a building where you have to go to the rooms and then a clip can be played only when you’there. That’d be cool.))


That could be a really great idea. It’s something that Amusement Parks and/or Escape Rooms could really embrace too. You could also do something like a Ghost Story/murder mystery where you used AR to see ghosts and solve the mystery of why they haunt this particular house. Could be tons of fun.


Yeah, and at this point it’d be pretty easy to make. Honestly, I’m thinking about pitching a low-scale project of this kind to the city ('cause it could be used as a tourist thing, and advertise the free wifi spots and so on). If I had more time on my hands, I would be doing it.


If I new anything about App development, I’d be so into it (although I guess the key is to pitch it to someone who has the resources and skills to make it). I’m about to have tons of free time on my hands, though. So there’s that.



Something for @Miqque:


Sounds like a great time slot for Inhumans!

I quite enjoyed Forever, though. It ended up actually telling a coherent story!


I enjoyed Forever. Though I’m kind of relieved that it finished where it did, rather than getting more seasons with ever-more-convoluted mythology, the way most genre TV goes these days.


A little taste of Expanse season 3’s new characters!


I watched a couple of episodes and found it to be a fun, enjoyable show.