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By then?? Tom, it happened 35 minutes ago.






“13th was available in 190 million countries,” thanks to Netflix.

Okay, maybe that was a misquote - or the multiverse is all too real!



The Lord of the Rings and Lost star – currently host of Travel Channel and BBC’s Wild Things – will play a troubled police officer and dog handler in the eight-part drama, an unconventional police procedural, in which ex-lovers who survive a terrifying shark attack are thrown together by fate to hunt down murderers. Monaghan’s character, Stephen Lamb, grew up in an abusive family, was chained to a dog and bitten as a child, and as a result has developed a serious psychosexual perversion that will play out across the series.



When I read that headline I initially assumed it was an adaptation of this:


I love Bob’s, but I did not expect a movie. I wonder what the expectations for it will be.


The baseline was set with Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters Colon For DVD


I’d assume with the animation it’d be pretty cheap to make. Probably quite difficult to post a loss now that film distribution costs next to nothing.


Film advertising though, that’s a different story.

Blumhouse (who I quote a lot because Jason Blum actually talks real numbers) makes their movies for $5m, but their advertising budget is another $25-$35m on top of that.

Their business model though, allows them to take their $5m movie and choose not to go theatrical, so they sell on home entertainment and cut their advertising budget enormously.


It’s a fair point but I do think it’s a fairly low risk enterprise even if it doesn’t do great box office. It’ll have a niche existing audience and that should be fine.

I’ll reverse my opinion if I find out they have cast Tom Cruise in a major voice role and budgeted $80m :smile:





Created by and featuring Idris Elba, comedy In The Long Run is loosely based on the award-winning actor’s own childhood. A Sky Original Production, it will also star Bill Bailey and air on Sky 1 and streaming service NOW TV. The series is written by Claire Downes, Ian Jarvis, Stuart Lane and Grace Ofori-Attah and is a co-production between Elba’s Green Door and Sprout Pictures.

A comedy about family and community, In The Long Run is set in 1985 London where the Easmons live amid the tower blocks. Life for Walter (Elba) and Evelyn Easmon is all about quiet routine. They arrived from Sierra Leone 13 years ago and are happy earning enough to pay the bills with a bit left over to send back home. Walter works hard alongside his mate and neighbor Bagpipes (Bailey) at the local factory while Evelyn patrols the estate selling make-up door-to-door. Their British born son Akuna and his best friend Scott hang out on the estate playing football and doing their best to dodge the local thugs.

But when Walter’s brother Valentine arrives to the UK, his energy and lust for life changes everything. He crashes into their lives bringing laughter and chaos and igniting a passion for music in Akuna.

Bill Bailey and Idris Elba aren’t the most obvious comedy double-act.