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‘Altered Carbon’ is in post production. So that one is coming to TV in the next few months.


He’s credited as a writer on IMDb because he created one of the cops.


Okay so not confused but lazy journalism. :smile:


And SyFy are verrrrrrrry slowly bringing Hyperion to the screen too


I was gonna say they should have it star Gosling’s character’s daughter, but I suppose given when the film is set, that would make her nearly 60 in the present.


About 200 I think. I have never even looked at 195 of them, they’re just nuisances to skip over when you’re trying to use the stupid so-called “planner” interface.

Sky are currently advertising that you can record seven channels simultaneously with their new box. I challenge anyone to find a time in the schedule when there are as many as seven things they actually want to watch.



I think I’ve only once wanted to record four shows at once (slightly remedied by staggercasts) but eight is pushing it. And I think it only achieves that by using the same capacity available if you had a full compliment of multiroom boxes



That’s a great idea. I can’t wait to see this now.


I think it could, actually. Three books for one season seems easily doable without having to add all that much - just expanding on what is already there.

I don’t know, I’m as big a fan of Moore’s as anyone, but I still think a Watchmen TV series could potentially be great. Haven’t seen the Leftovers, so I don’t know if this is the team to do it, though.


Yeah, when you look at the wealth of background information in the endpapers, and the huge number of secondary characters that we get a small taste of, and all the subplots that are only glimpsed in the book (like the abduction of the creative types and the island), and the extra material like the pirate comics, then there’s clearly loads of stuff to expand on.

Whether they should expand on that stuff, and whether they’ll do it well if they do, I guess we’ll wait and see.


I think it will probably be bad. Watchmen is at its heart quite a simple, straight forward story, giving it more “padding” will probably just bore senseless.


Honestly, outside of flashbacks or dialogue from Hollis himself I wouldn’t see the point in making full episodes about Hollis Mason’s autobiography - and spending more time than the comic did on the whole “artist retreat” plot gives the goat away too early.


It’d have to be a different thing, obviously.

I think a staff of good writers could easily build on the core story and flesh out Watchmen’s world and characters in ways that could potentially be pretty great.

It’s not something that cries out to be made anymore, but if now is the time that a studio will get behind it… well, why not be optimistic about it?


You could expand on the flashbacks of the original Minutemen (in fact, you would have to) and show more of those characters, for example. I wouldn’t do it for one entire episode, I would keep a flashback structure and scatter the original Minutemen and the Crimebusters over the episodes of the episodes of many seasons. But overall, if you explore Mothman and Hollis and Sally and her relationship with her husband/manager and Hooded Justice and so on… You’d easily have material for a fourth of a season in screentime and you wouldn’t even yet be at the point where things escalate and they break up.


You could stretch the comic out to two seasons but beyond that, I think it’d probably feel like treading water. But anything’s possible, and like I said, The Leftovers was great. The 2nd and 3rd seasons were all new material so Lindelof’s shown an ability to add great content to a done-in-one original source. I’d rather they do that and go in crazy new directions after hitting the comic’s conclusion, tbh. It’d be ballsy as hell considering how perfect Watchmen’s ending is but that would be more interesting than stretching out 12 issues over many seasons, imo.


Ballsy as hell indeed. Yeah, there’s obviously potential in that, as well, but I really don’t think it’d be treading water. I mean, if you think that the whodunnit is the point of the original novel, it’s pretty much all treading water, too - it takes forever to get from A to B, and that’s although it’s actually a pretty straightforward mystery. So I would like to see a show doing the same thing the comic did: using the murder mystery as a device to flesh out the characters and their history, and the world they are living in.

I do agree you couldn’t do that forever, obviously, but I think it’d easily be fodder for three or even four seasons. And I’d probably still end it at the same point that the original does… or, if it should continue, do that with a restart: leave the old characters alone and establish a new generation of heroes living in Adrian’s utopia who were inspired by the old ones - maybe even a new Rorschach, in the same way in which there were two Night Owls. Anyway, they’d be up against Adrian at some point, obviously, and maybe at that point you could bring Dan and Laurie back into the mix.


That could be awesome. With a subplot of Rorschach’s journal passing from hand to hand before it finally gets out and tears everything down–or doesn’t.


I’ll watch if they get Alan Moore on writing staff.