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Storm of the Century - Hit
Kingdom Hospital - Miss
11.22.63 - Hit


It’s also in the wrong order as Dark Tower came out before IT. However we must try and approach it from Miqque’s alternative reality perspective, with that in mind he is perfectly correct.


Much like his books. It’s actually something I’ve always liked about him, he just keeps writing and publishing and making money, and some of it’s great, some is just alright, and some is horrible, but he’s not trying to be a literary master. It’s so much more human, I think.


That’s more a reflection of the people handling his properties, not on King himself or even on his books and stories.

When fans asked King his opinion on what the producers of the TV series “Under the Dome”, King responded with this anecdote about another author:

Near the end of his life, and long after his greatest novels were written, James M. Cain agreed to be interviewed by a student reporter who covered culture and the arts for his college newspaper. This young man began his time with Cain by bemoaning how Hollywood had changed books such as The Postman Always Rings Twice and Double Indemnity. Before he could properly get into his rant, the old man interrupted him by pointing to a shelf of books behind his desk. “The movies didn’t change them a bit, son,” he said. “They’re all right up there. Every word is the same as when I wrote them.”


My covfefe ain’t working right!


That means it’s working just the way it should, Miqq.


Your doctor can give you pills for that.





Gerald’s Game is on Netflix tomorrow, and 1922 next month. Both are getting good reviews.


The sad reason for the delay in Veep next year:


I hope she is ok.

Great that she’s using the attention this news will bring to try and do some good.


Right, Paul - he recently said he had like nine projects in the pipeline, and I think that referred to Dark Tower and later. Is he pulling an Alan Moore? He still seems to have a finger in the pie, unlike Alan. And how did they even manage to botch up Dark Tower so badly?


I liked the movie but it did drag on a bit in places. Shane Black is very, very good, but he could use a restraining hand occasionally.

This, reformatted and updated for TV, could be good.




Apologies if this was posted but there is a Lazarus show in development at Amazon.


Wow. Snow Crash and Altered Carbon are being developed into shows now. This really is an embarrassment of riches.

Ringworld could be very cool too. I wonder how many people will think they are ripping off Halo.


Cool, hadn’t heard about any of those. I think Amazon has some good, overlooked shows so I’ll be looking forward to these.


Interesting that Rucka is writing the Lazarus adaptation himself. I hope it happens.


When did Greg Rucka write Jessica Jones? I think they got confused.