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Excellent news! I always felt the series would not work as a movie franchise, since the lead characters differ from book to book so you couldn’t tie it to one particular star. It would probably work better as a sort of anthology series like FARGO or TRUE DETECTIVE, where the cast changes but there is a common sensibility or theme.


The BBC also tend to do this kind of thing very well.



That’s a bit like the Red Riding film series, which was set at different times with different leads in each film.


Red Riding was slightly odd in that it was a UK TV mini-series that was released as a series of movies in the US.

There was an overall bigger story there though; Dublin Murder Squad’s books are mostly self-contained except that the main character in each was usually a supporting character in a previous one.



If anyone else who loves them wants to try and catch them filming the new specials…




Was it any good?


It may be, I didn’t even know it existed. There is too much scripted TV right now and a lot of is really good but nobody can keep up and there will be a contraction coming down the line.


I never watched it but reviews I saw said it wasn’t good.


The changes to the storyline dragged the show down and made it an uninteresting watch.


I liked the first season, but I’m not surprised it won’t continue. It did get a little too melodramatic at times. And the lack of monsters in the mist was a disappointment.


If they’re making a “carpool karaoke” series, we can hardly be said to be living in peak tv era. More rock bottom tv.


That’s the point of “Peak TV.” Quantity, not quality.


Speaking of quantity how many channels do you have?

Aside from the premium channels, I mostly have cable channels showing reruns of old network shows and so on.

Still I can understand it when people say nothing is really on


I can understand it too, it really means “I have no idea what other amazing programs are accessible in some way out there” :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow. Stephen King is in quite the 50/50 pattern.

Mist - miss
It - hit
Dark Tower - tanked

And aren’t there like nine more projects in the pipeline?


That’s 33/67.