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Now, Later, or Never: Rating the week in fall TV premieres, from ‘Young Sheldon’ to ‘The Menendez Murders’


Yup. And that’s not the only weird thing. This one is a really terrible trailer for what seems like it might be a decent show. Somebody really messed up there.


Okay, that seems kind of fun.



I really want this to be good but so far neither preview has clicked for me. Admittedly they were both really short so I’m holding out hope still.


The only thing I’m interested in is Meloni. Hell, I even liked his short lived FOX sitcom that he did right after he left SVU. But I didn’t enjoy the original comic and so I’m hoping he can lift it up in the full episodes.


I thought the comic was just okay. It seemed a bit cliche and hackneyed with character portrayals. The concept was good but the execution was weak.



It’ll be interesting to see if this new identity is extended abroad, as we’ve got Spike TV in the UK (though it’s not particularly well known) but already had a Paramount (comedy) Channel for years, which is now Comedy Central.


HBO has greenlighted a pilot and picked up backup scripts for Avenue 5 (working title), a new comedy from Veep creator Iannucci. Created, written and executive produced by Iannucci, Avenue 5 is set in the future, mostly in space. (Word is that the comedy is set on a spaceship.)

I think Time Trumpet is the only thing he’s done that’s been SF-ish.


‘Watchmen’ HBO Adaptation From Damon Lindelof Officially A Go With Pilot & Backup Script Order

It is true — HBO has given a formal pilot green light to Watchmen and has ordered backup scripts for the project, Damon Lindelof’s followup to his praised HBO drama series The Leftovers.

Lindelof alluded to the pickup yesterday with an Instagram post captioned “Day One” and a picture of Watchmen‘s writers room, which opened Tuesday. Warner Bros. TV, which also was behind The Leftovers, is the studio as part of Lindelof’s overall deal there.




Because if anyone can improve on Moore, it’s Damon Lindelof! :roll_eyes:


I’m sure Alan Moore will be thrilled!


Lindelof did almost uniformly great work on The Leftovers.

Justin Theroux would make a great Nite-Owl, actually.


I just wonder what a series could actually bring to the table. It gives me a bit of a goosechill remembering American Gods and some of the flaws in that. And that’s Fuller.


Yeah, that’s the main worry, I think. Watchmen is such a complete story. You either add stuff after the ending, in which case the additions need to be on par with the original work, or you expand the story so it takes place over 4-6 seasons, which probably wouldn’t work.


Yeah, honestly I don’t mind the idea of a miniseries but other reports have said something about deepening some of the story aspects - and it does seem like it’ll just be long.


They’ll add the pirate story, and that will totally confuse viewers. Which is one thing I do hope for.