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I would like this to be a real letter, please be real!



I quit SVU in S3, but I’ll probably be back for this episode.


You’ll recognize two characters at this point (other than Waterson obviously). I wonder if McCoy will still be DA or if they’ll have had him retired at this point.


Apparently the characters mentioned there being a new DA on SVU at some point, but they’ve never been shown.


I must have missed that. I still watch but only sporadically at this point.


I look forward to your review in poetical iambical pentragrammical.

9 verses!


I only know it from Wiki:

“Scorched Earth”: McCoy is out of office by the show’s thirteenth season premiere as Cutter, by this time the new Special Victims Unit Bureau Chief ADA, comments to Cabot that “the new DA wants the charges dropped” in the case they were trying at the time.


I hadn’t picked that up either. I saw ads for his last appearance on SVU, which was I think post L&O (and had Sharon Stone?). I didn’t realise Cutter had appeared either. Might check all those out.


Since we’re talking SVU
With the cancellation of Chicago Justice, the character of Peter Stone moves to L&O: SVU mid-season as the new ADA.
It’s the same universe, and he’s the son of Ben Stone (Michael Moriarty in the first 4 seasons of L&O).

Of note, Jon Seda moves back to Chicago PD following the cancellation of ‘Justice’


Well, somebody liked that Thor: Ragnarok trailer.


Partridge update:




LEN WEIN is the subject of tonight’s upcoming Final Jeopardy answer on Jeopardy!

(How do I know? I’m magic!)


Double YAY!!!




Sad and troubling news.



Weird that they spend so much time on the centipede gag and then don’t do anything with it.