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I still think it would have been better to make her a boy.


That would be both awesome and well timed for gender hooha. Love that idea, pity they aren’t doing it.


He looks more like Dopplecoop than the Doctor in that photo.


Nobody should ever win anything over David Thewlis. That should be a golden rule.


He’s also an excellent writer.

I’m slightly jealous of his childhood. He grew up in a toy shop next door to a sweet shop. I’ve only just found that out when I checked to see if he’s written more than one book. It seems he’s also a poet and an artist and he once lived in a ballroom. :open_mouth:


Apparently Veep and Better Call Saul won’t be back until the second half of 2018:

At least it would mean someone other than JLD could win the Comedy Actress Emmy.



Rumor is she’s getting replaced by Megan McCain.


BBC Two has ordered Dave Allen At Peace, a dramatization of the life and career of the Irishman who was once considered Britain’s most controversial comedian. Game Of Thrones and Peaky Blinders‘ Aidan Gillen is set to star.

The biopic of the Dublin-born Allen will be produced by Darlow Smithson Productions and written by Stephen Russell (We’re Doomed: The Dad’s Army Story, Peaky Blinders). Covering Allen’s 40-year career, it will explore how his comedy genius was shaped by the tragic loss of his father, his brother — and his finger — and how he survived decades of the Roman Catholic Church’s wrath, death threats from the IRA and a ban by Irish and Australian TV.

Also starring are Conleth Hill (Game Of Thrones), Tommy Tiernan (Father Ted) and Joanne Crawford (Line Of Duty). Shooting starts this month in Northern Ireland with Northern Ireland Screen and RTE as partners on the project.


Can he do the accent? :joy:


He’s bound to pass through it at some point.


They’ll need to CGI one of his fingers away. Unless he decides to go method :joy:




I didn’t realise this was out already. I’ll look forward to watching it, even if the review is a bit lukewarm.


Some details on the new Inside No. 9.


i thought it was a de aged Bill Nighy at first.


Based on the Chilling Adventures version


They’re going to have to change quite a bit given how much that version shamelessly lifts from other stuff.