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They have them but they are mediocre at best. Miranda was very successful but it’s not anywhere near the best of 1970s and 80s stuff. I think maybe the talent just want more leeway, Catastrophe is great, The Inbetweeners hilarious, it’s all adult stuff though that can’t be put out at 8pm on a Tuesday on BBC1.


Upstart Crow. The second series just started this week, but I haven’t watched it yet. S1 was okay.


I didn’t realise the second series had started.

I quite like Mitchell in broad comedy stuff like that, and there were some good supporting actors (Mark Heap is always enjoyable). Plus, the literary references were funny and pretty accessible.


It’s still so weird to me that this is being made from scratch again. I’m glad they’re having another go at it, but that pilot from a few years ago seems to have been pretty well liked, so… well, it’s a weird situation.


Here’s a nice interview with Alex Horn about Taskmaster, which returns tonight. Tonight! You’ve less than an hour!


I’ve been watching On Demand, so I’ve already seen the first two episodes.



I genuinely loved Brittas, though I don’t know how it would stand up today if re-watching.


The whole 2nd series is on iplayer now to binge. I liked the first series and the first episode of the second series was much the same, the second episode however was a much better standard and tackled some historical stuff like Blackadder did and is much, much better for it. I’m hoping it stays at that level.



Could never really get Ben Elton. Blackadder was funny earlier on but not so much later, for me.

His humour seemed largely based on condescension, spite and sarcasm with not enough lighter bits to counter balance that. JMO


Wait, there’s comedy not based on condescension, spite and sarcasm?



No, but if it isn’t counterbalanced by some lighter signals to indicate that it is not to be taken completely serious then it just becomes nasty.


Who Fears Death, which will be written by Selwyn Seyfu Hinds, is based on the sci-fi fantasy novel by Nnedi Okorafo. It was Okorafo who in July tweeted that her her book is being optioned by HBO for a series produced by Martin.

Who Fears Death tells the coming of age tale of Onyesowu in post-apocalyptic North Africa where her story makes her an outcast. She must go on a journey from self-reproach to love, but to do so she’ll have to overcome untold obstacles—defeating her hated sorcerer father and becoming the instrument of prophetic deliverance for a land of oppressed people, all the while fighting to master the terrifying powers growing inside her.

The book is good, but they’ll have to add a lot to turn it into a full series.



Not available in my country? What is the meaning of this? :wink:


That’s disappointing.

A bit more info here (that hopefully is available in your country :slight_smile: ).


Youtube has the ability to restrict access to videos to people from countries, and offers this feature to content providers.


Because he hasn’t got anything else to do at the moment. No unfinished multi-book epics lying around or anything.