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The AV Club seems to like the SF elements of The Orville at least in their Autumn TV preview



Something about the reactions tells me that The Orville could be one of those shows that does incomprehensibly well despite the critics not getting it. Sometimes they don’t factor in the fact that people may arrive home from work and just want something untaxing, mainstream and easy on the eyes and the trailers seem to show that. Look at The Big Bang Theory, geeky and innocuous has become a big draw for throwaway TV. I can see me watching it and happily switching my brain off while for the duration while looking at the pretty people and/or colours.


@ParkerMcCombe, @Christian, @Lorcan_Nagle You poor fellows. See What are you Watching 2017 thread for my review of panel with actors who play Holden, Naomi, Amos, and Chrisjen, plus someone you meet in Season 2(warning: possible spoiler).

EDIT: @BenObiwomble @SeanR @Tom_Punk @Eduardo @MartinSmith DARK MATTER is not DEAD. go here for news about moving it to another network. (possible spoilers)
There is a very active effort to get Dark Matter over to Netflix.



Note, I may have already seen series 2. Also, I may have read all the books so I know more or less what’s coming :smiley:


It could also be one of those shows that takes a bit to find its footing. All the reviews I have seen cover the first three episodes.

I’ll give it a shot.


Yeah, if it’s going for a more of a dramatic sense, then that’s always something that could take a while to rejig a bit.


A less generous review:





Thank god…in a good way. Season 6 left only one real loose end.


Veep is gonna go down as one of the all-time great TV comedies. Julia Louis-Dreyfus should be proud (and I’m sure she is!). Not many actors get to bring to life lead characters as funny, vibrant, and ingenious as Selina Meyer and Elaine Benes. At this point, I think Selina might even slightly edge out Elaine as the better character.


Nah, Elaine has shiksappeal.


Elaine’s the icon and always will be but I think Dreyfus gets to tap into some deeper stuff as Selina.


No debate there.



Philip K Dick’s ‘Electric Dreams’ at last

First episode ‘The Hood Maker’

9pm 17th Sep on CH4


I hope it’s a boy.



Annnnnd the AV Club’s review of the first three episodes of The Orville is less flattering than their talk in the Autumn TV preview