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That’s true, but you don’t end a series by teasing the idea of Carter getting his memories from Season 2 back. That could have been an entire other season of its own.


That’s Syfy’s standard MO.


God have mercy on Dark Matter fans then


Here’s one that concerns Larry David, murder, baseball and my buddy Tim (who even makes a brief cameo in this trailer he went and made).


They weren’t really teasing that though. What he saw was more for the fans as a reminder of what had been before the end. At best the suggestion was he saw somethings he didn’t understand.


I’m just saying, they never pulled the trigger on that whole Henry/Carter fight dynamic.


I watched the first season of The Leftovers and my wife and I thought it was contrived nonsense that they are clearly making up as they go along; amping up the gratuity on some of the voilence and swearing in order to seem edgy.

It felt they had no endgame or real storyline in sight, just sticking together a bunch of weird shit to come across as being clever, in the hope they’d be able to write themselves some answers further down the line and I didn’t bother wasting my time watching the next season.
Lost burnt me to the extent I still remember the bullshit they try pass off as writing.

There’s been some Millarworlders whose opinion I really trust who have raved about it which has made me wonder if I should go back and try again, but life is too short.

Sure I’m not alone in feeling it’s a pile of bullshit?

Sorry to those who enjoy it, i don’t mend to offend or wind you up. I just felt pretty strongly about this at the time of the first season being aired.


Fair enough, and if it’s not for you it’s not for you. The first season was as far from making it up as they go along as it gets, though, since it’s a direct adaptation of a novel, the author of which is the co-writer for the show.

I think seasons 2 and 3 build on season 1 in a variety of unexpected, and utterly captivating ways. While Season 1 caught my interest, seasons 2 and 3 hit me the hardest. Your mileage may vary, but I’d still definitely recommend it.

It’s worth noting that, especially as the series goes on, there are a lot of points that cross with Lost in one way or another, and i myself have noted that it seems almost as if this is Lindeloff trying to get it right again after so many years away from his first great claim to fame. IMO, he succeeds.


Yeah Blood Drive is awesome


There’s an overall story but the episodes are kind of focussed on one or two things and places at a time - it’s a bit like levels on a computer game - it’s a good approach


I’ll definitely check it out when I get the chance!



Hulu is headed back to the Kennedy well, and bringing (arguably) the best Chris to do it. The streaming service has tapped Bloodline alum to helm a new biographical miniseries based on Robert F. Kennedy, with Star Trek and A Wrinkle in Time star Chris Pine taking the role.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Bloodline co-creator Todd E. Kessler will helm the new miniseries based on Larry Tye’s 2016 Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon, setting Pine in the title role. The as-yet-unnamed series marks Pine’s latest TV project, following roles in both Wet Hot American Summer series, and the Wonder Woman reunion of TNT’s One Day She’ll Darken under Patty Jenkins.



Actually, I was hoping it wouldn’t be that.
This review has me somewhat hopeful now.


That it’s more drama than comedy does make it sound more interesting to me too. That said, I still think MacFarlane shouldn’t have put himself as lead. Because that pretty much killed any desire I might have ever had to watch it.


I can deal with MacFarlane as a lead, but I place that on the fact that I’ve never seen his western movie.


Just a reminder that this starts tonight, 10pm on 4. It seems to have flown under the radar a bit, but as a big Peep Show fan I’m hopeful that it will be good.


There were a few other bits from the cast and crew saying the show would be more serious than the initial trailer suggested, but I’m still hesitant. Partially because McFarlane’s work ran cold for me a long time ago. Every time The Orville comes up, I’m just left thinking if there’s been any progress on the TV adaptation of Redshirts…


Scalzi brought it up when the trailer launched: