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That definitely felt like more of a ‘bwahaha’ moment.


So only Very Old, then.


True, but I’m more of a Steve Buscemi.

Only just old once I shave.


And you’re claiming you don’t feel old?


How dare you? Steve Buscemi is a youthful man.



Just got a mail from Netflix to confirm The Expanse series 2 hits on September 8th!


Yeah, me too. About time!



Hopefully after the second season airs there we can get that Expanse thread we’ve been dreaming of!


Well one of us could just start an Expanse thread…


Right now I think it would be me and you spoiler blurring everything and then an actual expanse below, devoid of adjoining second season love.


Chazelle is on board to direct the first two episodes. He will also serve as an EP alongside Six Feet Under vet Alan Poul. BAFTA Award-winning writer Jack Thorne (National Treasure) is on board to write the episodes, while six-time Grammy Award-winner Glen Ballard (whose credits include Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill”) will provide original music.

Jack Thorne gets around a lot. He had another new Channel 4 series announced last month, and is re-writing the next Star Wars. I still hope his His Dark Materials series gets made.





Well bugger. I just started the first season of Dark Matter and I’m loving it. Disappointed to know it won’t get to end on its own terms.


Talk about a double-edged post!

Thanks for both pieces of info. Nice to see Killjoys gets to go out in style.

But Dark Matter? What the hell? The network is called SYFY, but they cancel more SF series than anyone else!


Just coming here to post about the demise of Dark Matter.

Note: Some articles really want to spoil events of season 3 (definitely leads into could’ve been season 4). Still worth watching.

This show really grew on me. From day one I said "not must-see, but enjoyable."
I never said anything other than that online for fear of jinxing it, and getting other people to watch works better with “low expectations.”

But during season 3 I realized I liked it more than that, a lot more.
It never took itself too seriously, and never went off the rails.
Excited every time I got to watch a new episode.
Story-wise it was branching out, getting bigger (plans for season 5), and I was looking forward to that.

I take it it’s all about the numbers, and money for new projects. But I can’t see this show ‘breaking the bank’ and a well orchestrated fan revolt should at least get them thinking about changing their minds.
Why not, right? They’re the ones that dropped the ball after Battlestar Galactica.
Pick the option that shows you have a heart and care.


I still miss Eureka.


I loved Eureka but it had definitely run out of steam by the end.