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I’m still down for this. Enjoyed the original pilot a lot.



Huh. I guess they’re holding back showing the yacht for a reveal in the first episode.




Ooh that could be great. Though they’ll need to strike gold with the casting like they did with Olyphant and Goggins.


Little interest in the series, but played the trailer several times just for the music :slight_smile:




I really love the cast of The Alienist especially Danel Bruhl but that story is really not my bag.



The book by Caleb Carr was fantastic; I will give this series a try with every hope that it will do justice to the novel.


Yeah, The Alienist is a great book. Too bad the sequel book, The Angel of Darkness, was awful and killed what might have been a good series of novels.


I read it years ago, and I don’t remember being knocked out by it, but I may already have grown tired of the serial killer genre by then.

So I agree with Ronny; great cast, but not a show for me.


I felt the same when I read about it but I have to admit, that trailer does make it look very watchable.

And also… I almost heard someone say, “This is Dakota Fanning now… Feel old yet?” :joy:


Dakota Fanning is one year older than me so I’ll never have to feel that worry haha.


‘Growing up’ with a child movie star is cool. I’ve fancied Christina Ricci since I was twelve and she’s the same age as me so I have fonder memories of Wednesday Adams than would usually be normal. I wanted the Adams family to move into my street so bad. We would have 100% went out with each other.


You will when you see a picture of her once she’s very very old.


Yes, which will just make me feel younger hehehe.