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Based on the Rowling books:




It appears the gods have smiled on the viewing public:


Everyone says this about re-working their favourites.

But then something like Hannibal works, Gotham works, even Teen Wolf works!

There’s no way to tell if this was a good idea or not, because it didn’t make it to the screen, but it might’ve been great. We’ll just never know now.


Is Gotham a rework?


Yes it’s a remake of the original Orson Welles version of Batman.


It’s a reworking of the concept of Batman’s origin, yes. Like ‘Year One’ or ‘Batman Begins’ taking a new look at how that happened and also the wider city and the other characters.

And it was dismissed by legions of fans before it was broadcast.


That’s quite different from the other examples though. Gotham really has a different focus than telling Batman’s origin story - it’s more the origin story of, well, the city of Gotham, isn’t it?

Either way, I’ve only seen a few episodes of the show and it definitely didn’t work for me. Whereas Hannibal is of course a good example of a rework being good, and we could easily come up with more, so your point does certainly stand.

I don’t know about Xena, though. You expected Todd’s comment to be because Xena is a favourite of his, but maybe it’s just because it was a mediocre, campy show that we’re well rid of and the world is better without it? At least that’s my take on this :slight_smile:





The emojis on this forum are getting more sophisticated by the day.


Hey, I know that actress! She was great in the last season of Ash vs. Evil Dead!



She’s a reporter for the Fleet, last seen on the good ship Galactica.






Hold on… I’m not sure I’m doing this right…


People need to stop talking about Xena now, because Lucy Lawless has a limited number of expressions and I think we’ve exhausted them all :expressionless:


I dunno. She does seem to have many faces.


What if she’s a Cylon?




No offence but that’s about as noteworthy as ratings and box office go down when the weather is nice. If there’s a more interesting alternative outside people will take it. :smile: