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Jetsons: No.

Unplugged: Yes!


Jetsons? I’m thinkin this:



Me, too. Ergo the No vote.


Who was crying out for a live-action Jetsons?


The new SFX has details on all the episodes on the upcoming Philip K. Dick anthology series, Electric Dreams:

Lots of good talent in there.



You mean the one where he portrays that guy who does that thing, that also stars whatshername, that actress? Yeah, you’re probably right.


I ended up really loving Channel Zero’s first season and marathoned on the entire thing in a day so I’m really looking forward to the next season. I was sort of familiar with Candle Cove, I hadn’t read it but had seen descriptions of it a couple times before it was adapted, but haven’t encountered No-End House at all. It looks properly creepy though.



This is just the kind of ridiculous, far-fetched idea that gives science fiction a bad name :roll_eyes:



The Three, based on a trilogy of books by Sarah Lotz, is adapted by Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy scribe Peter Straughan. It’s described as a multi-stranded, international thriller with a supernatural twist and sees four planes crash on the same day in four different countries, with three children left as survivors. Commissioned by Piers Wenger, Controller of BBC Drama and Charlotte Moore, Director of BBC Content, The Three is exec produced by Kate Sinclair and George Faber for The Forge and Elizabeth Kilgarriff for the BBC.

The Serpent is written by Ripper Street scribe Richard Warlow and is based on the true story of how one of the most elusive criminals of the 20th century – con man and escape artist Charles Sobhraj – was caught and brought to trial. The series will be directed by Tom Shankland (The Missing) and produced by Poldark’s Mammoth Screen.

I enjoyed The Three a lot, though I’m not sure it’s well-suited to a TV adaptation. I’m also not sure why they’re calling it a trilogy, as it’s just one book. There’s a second book set in the same world, but it’s completely different.


Can’t get the link for the video to copy so here’s the link to the article with the cast of Rick & Morty improvising a scene for Vulture:



Best episode this season


Really glad they use scripts most of the time.


The article calls her the show’s lead but I have to assume that’s a mistake since she’s playing the mom.



Well take it away and bring me the best season 4 trailer then :roll_eyes: