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Oh wow.

Yeah, that looks really bad. I didn’t even finish the trailer.


That would explain why he has a beard at the opening and closing sections and not in the middle, and why there is an FBI agent character who turns over the investigation to an unrelated character after the first couple of minutes (they never meet on screen) and then turns up at the close.

It is pretty bad.

I only watched it because I am mildly obsessed with the Saint (slight hint…there is a reason why I’m called Simon). They try to give The Saint an origin story with daddy issues and a legacy, instead of just having him as a scoundrel and a thief, but a nice one.

Ian Ogilvy and Roger Moore both turn up though. So there is that.


The only Saint you need to watch is the 90’s remake with Val Kilmer.



Oh really…


The only odd part of this article is it says True Detective season 3 isn’t being worked on actively.


I’ve said this before but the 90’s movie is like a distilled version/prototype of the action films that came after it. All the romantic subplot, conflicted (is he going to be good or bad?) hero, even the Russian politics!

I have heard from various people that it was heavily reworked in post, originally it was a much darker film, but it was made into the first of a run of movies that featured a similar tone.

I like it, but with reservations. I think a sequel would’ve had a better sense of itself.



I just had a mini heart attack when I read “Robert Downey Jr, True Detective, HBO”. in the same eye-scan.

How cool would THAT be?


I remember reading the Empire Magazine feature about the movie at the time, where they were on set for filming of a huge set piece which ended up being dropped from the final movie.

I think that the casting of Val Kilmer as the Saint changed things quite a bit as well. If I recall, it was originally written with the idea putting someone like Ralph Fiennes or Hugh Grant in the lead (both turned it down). The disguises and funny voices came from Val Kilmer.



Fun poster for HBO’s The Deuce:

It was shared on Twitter by the novelist Megan Abbott, who I didn’t realise was writing on it. I like her books a lot.


I wonder if they’re mistaken and it’s actually going to adapt the original book, which was set in England, rather than Hitchcock’s film.


Produced by Heyday Television (which is owned by Harry Potter producer David Heyman), The Birds will remain true to Daphne du Maurier’s original 1952 novella of the same name.

Thus, the BBC take will be set in rural Cornwall, where a farmhand and his community is being terrorised by flocks of birds and seagulls shortly after the end of the Second World War.



The article is very confusing in that regard. It says at the top that it will be a contemporary tv series, which I took to mean that it was set now. Which doesn’t make sense if it’s going to set after the end of WWII. Likewise, they keep saying it’s going to be an adaptation of the film, which had a pretty significantly different plot than the book.


It’s a contemporary series because it will be coming out when it does. It has this in common with every single TV series that is trailed in news articles. :smile:


But if it’s coming out when it does there’s no need to state that it’s a contemporary tv show.


It’s an important element that it will be contemporary with the other shows that air at the same time.

Otherwise we’d all just assume it existed in a time vortex of its own.


Liz and I were walking down West 30th Street last year on a Friday night, wondering why there were all these 70s-vintage cars parked on the street, noticing the phone booth (!) near the corner, and admiring the polyester clothes and giant afros on the couple passing by us. When we popped into a whiskey bar mid-block to ask what the hell was going on, the bartender said that some HBO show was being filmed there starring James Franco. Guess this is it.


Nah it was probably the other 70s James Franco HBO show.