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I wonder what this means for the Netflix Marvel shows…


Netflix co-produced and put a lot of money into them. I would assume they wouldn’t be pulled.


There are some classic films on Netflix. Kagemusha has been on my watch list for a while but I just haven’t been in the mood for it yet.


As Paul says it’s in the cloud, they record the purchase against your account so you can download again. The same is true for the likes of Comixology. The only real risk of losing stuff is if they went bust.

The thing with streaming is it isn’t ownership. So the DVD/Blu-ray market will continue in some form but I think since the days of the boom in that market many have realised it can also be a bit of a false economy. I have a rack of DVDs on my shelf and there’s maybe a couple of them I’ve actually watched more than once. 90% of the trades on my shelf I know I’ll never read again.


Like Paul said while Netflix doesn’t operate that way, iTunes does or amazon, which is what I do: amazon has free streaming for selected content if you are an amazon prime customer (this aspect is comparable to Netflix both in cost and and in what’s on offer), but if it doesn’t have something you want to watch on prime, you can buy it and afterwards you own the right to stream it forever (or download to watch on a tablet). If you are sure you only want to watch a movie once, you can also rent it from amazon (for example, I watched Captain America 1 with the kid two days ago, and rented it for two days for one Euro).



I will give the show a try…


Seth likes Star Trek and this has a nice camp look that Discovery lacks.


The first season of popular Syfy series “The Expanse” was added to Netflix UK in November last year – around 9 months after it finished airing. For the last few months many of you have been asking when season 2 will arrive. Well, season 2 finished airing in April and according to our friends at the Netflix UK Fanpage season 2 will arrive on 8th September!


I wonder if it will hit the free side of Amazon Prime in the the US around the same time.


More importantly when does season 3 start?




Incorrect, it is a lot somebody else’s computers. :wink:


But what about…Skynet?


It’s been in operation since 1969


January on SyFy, probably


I see this daily.


Let there be singing. Let there be dancing.

Tagging @BenObiwomble because I know he wanted to know when this was going to be up on Netflix.

This will plug the hole in my Netflix viewing between Defenders and the start of Star Trek Discovery.


I swear, if this doesn’t also go for Germany, I’m going to start murdering people.


Luckily it probably will. Even out here in Malaysia the TV entries seem to synch.