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Well yes and that’s always why the comic has lasted so long, the real star is Mega City One and all the weirdness it entails. Considering the name of the show is the city it is perfectly possible he could appear in small doses, a lot of the comic’s short stories really have Dredd appearing in the last couple of panels to arrest everyone and not play a great part outside of that.


Question for people who have a netflix or similar subscription: when series or films are released, do they stay available indefinitely or do they disappear after a while?


The latter but a lot of the series seem to be there for a very long time (and of course I’d see no reason they’d remove any Netflix Original shows).


Netflix pay a licence fee to the owners of TV series and movies for a set period. When that time is up, they either remove the TV show/movie or they pay a new fee and extend the licence.

That accounts for a huge part of Netflix costs.

If they make the show or movie then they can show it forever, and get other people to pay them for the right to show it in places that Netflix don’t have a presence.

If anywhere like that exists in a few years time?


It doesn’t now really. After last year’s massive expansion, they basically operate everywhere apart from a couple of countries that won’t let them. Looks like China, North Korea and Syria, and Syria is basically a wasteland warzone.


Now it really is a Millar World



So, everywhere on earth except china, north korea, syria, antarctica and the ocean. That’s only 30% of the world, like…

Edit to add: And some island in the black sea that i’ve not seen before. Is that supposed to be crimea?

Add2: and taiwan.


It looks like it. Again another war zone where probably the last thing on most minds is the Defenders premiere.

We can quibble the details but they effectively cover almost everything (apart from the China issue) and that’s probably more than any other company around. Amazon is nowhere near. Somehow the internet seems to have allowed them to skip the US boycotts against Iran and Cuba which is impressive.



And on that note…

I think the Disney/Netflix deal is only in the US; they’re all on Sky over here.


They’re one of the few that could do it. They have deep enough pockets and connecting all their various divisions is the core of what makes them the enormous success they are.


Didn’t Disney just sign a deal with Netflix like a year ago? That was short lived.


The article says it was signed in 2012, but only came into effect last year.


Disney are on a different level.

Netflix know their market, they’ve achieved an amazing amount already, they have a headstart and lots of experience, I think they can hold their own. But Disney is a true rival.

This could be (for media business watchers) pretty epic!


I wonder if dvds are on their way out, with Netflix and Amazon etc. Would it be possible to watch all classic movies you want on a streaming platform?

I mean, does Netflix have the Big Lebowski, or the Seven Samurai, older movies like that? Or do you still have to get those on dvd (for those who don’t use torrents).


You can usually buy or rent them on iTunes, but I much prefer to just get the DVD if something’s not streaming on a service I subscribe to.


What happens if you buy movies on itunes and download them, but your computer crashes and you have to do a complete reinstall? Does that mean you lose all the movies you paid for?


No, it’s all in the cloud.


Just do not change service providers. Figure digital “purchases” are access keys, you’re buying that access key on that platform for as long as both exist.