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‘This Is Us’ Kicked Out of Emmy Costumes Race




The Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce films were a key to Gatiss and Moffat’s inspiration to make the show in the first place, and those old film did do stories fighting Nazis.

So they might go all out for a homage to those, but Gatiss does bring it up in passing, and acknowledge that it’s still jokey idea, not a serious proposal… for now.



I guess they announced this a few months ago but I only just heard that ABC is bringing back Roseanne next year. I loved the original run when I saw it as a kid. I should check it out again, no doubt I would have a whole new appreciation for it as an adult. Very wary about the idea of a reboot. I have yet to see any of the recent spate of revived old TV shows leading to anything worthwhile. Plus, nothing that Roseanne has done since the show ended should inspire any confidence. Still, no matter what, I would watch anything that Jon Goodman is in if I get the chance.

It only just dawned on me what the final season of Roseanne was all about. She was struggling with the grief of Dan passing away and so turned back to her writing, which they had mentioned in earlier seasons but rarely brought up, imagining stories for her family about what life would be like if they were wealthy and could just have adventures. Then in the final episode the truth about Dan’s death comes out. The execution was horrendous but I appreciate the concept now.



Two down?

If I was James May I’d be hiding in a secure bank vault right now.




Doc Brown goes to war?


Looks more like Rick Sanchez.


Wow. :smiley:

Fits well with the combat pickle of this weeks episode.




That would be a big PR win if they could get Urban back.


He did an excellent job, but what is the show going to be like? As the article says; it’s not likely to be a sequel to the film.

The movie grounded everything as much as it could, and it worked, but I also think it was part of the reason the film didn’t find a big audience. It looked like a million other tough cop in the future stories. It was Dredd, but it wasn’t Mega-City One.


Dredd’s also a difficult character to have as a main character for tv show. He’s fairly one note and if he grows or changes much he stops being Dredd. Essentially he’d probably have to share the show with Anderson or someone, much like he did in the movie.