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‘Miami Vice’ Reboot From Vin Diesel in the Works at NBC

The network is teaming with Vin Diesel to develop a Miami Vice revival.

The project, which has been in the works for months, is being driven by Shana Waterman (24: Live Another Day, Wayward Pines), the former Fox Broadcasting executive who now serves as head of television for Diesel’s One Race Television production company. Miami Vice is the first effort to come out of Diesel’s first-look deal with Universal Television. Diesel and Waterman will executive produce alongside Chris Morgan and Ainsley Davies via the former’s overall deal with Universal Television. Peter Macmanus (Spike TV’s The Mist) will pen the script.

The Miami Vice reboot marks a reteaming for Morgan and Diesel, who have worked on all of the Fast and the Furious movies together. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that it was Diesel who came up with the idea to revive Miami Vice and made a personal appeal to NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke. The effort marks Diesel’s largest scripted TV project so far.


The show was a turning point for a lot of, what we think of, as TV and cop shows and the use of style and music. It’s too much to ask that a reboot is anything like as significant, but it could still be a good, even great, show.


This could be fun.


I wonder if Michael Mann has any input. I’m guessing not as it wasn’t mentioned.


This looks funny:


He had a lot of input in the movie…

I’m fine with another take on it.



Some more pics from the new series have gone up today.

This one is intriguing.




Presumably after the series 2 finale, she’s got a bad dose of I’m going to kill Josh Chan


Oh thank god, bless him - it’s returned.

I’ve always hated the new uniforms. They’re so awful.

The original uniforms were so classy.


Looks like some kind of alternate timeline branching off the original setup, given the higher rank of his job title.


And the fact that the logo has changed.

Place your bets

  • Evil Universe
  • Better Universe
  • Ace Pastiche cause no new ideas


Everything I’ve heard about the last episode of the series makes me think it’s going to be like a weird mirror of Future Echoes, but from the other end. It would be interesting if they actually went back and finally tied some of that stuff up after thirty years.

(I don’t expect them to though, the show has rightly never cared too much about continuity in that kind of way.)


Hey, for me the books are the only continuity I accept :wink:

Oh, and Future Echoes Redux would be amazing.


Are those the books where the second one has two separate and contradictory sequels? :wink:

(I think we might have experienced this strand of conversation before.)


Oh we have.
But one ends up on a cliffhanger anyway so I just headcanon in some time-warp BS to lead to the other one.

Still looked at the other pics and Past Echoes(?) makes sense if you got the Lister with the beard dreads


That’s definitely reminiscent of Future Echoes too, but the M-Corp logo in that picture makes me think it’s from a different episode (Doug Naylor has talked about one of the episodes this series dealing with branding and the sinister impact of a large corporate entity).

Plus Richard Naylor says the four pics are from four different episodes.


So…multiple time skips?


It’s Red Dwarf, every series seems to have at least one time-bending story in it.


Word of the month!!