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Despite having cast several key roles with high-profile stars — including Dennis Quaid as former president George W. Bush, Annette Bening as former Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco and Matthew Broderick as Federal Emergency Management Agency director Michael D. Brown — it’s possible the installment of the FX anthology may never come to fruition.

“Nothing has really been done. We haven’t started prep on it at all,” added Hemmingway, who directed who directed five episodes of the show’s Emmy-winning first season, The People V. O.J. Simpson. But is there a chance Katrina just won’t happen? “Who knows. It’s all up to Ryan Murphy,” he said. FX and producers 20th Century Fox Television did not immediately respond to THR’s request for an update on Katrina’s status.


Bummed that Riley Keogh won’t be returning.


Apparently Robert kirkman, James Cameron and Eli Roth are doing a series on AMC about their respective fields (comics, horror, and sci fi) that’s going to do deep dives on the history of each. Could be interesting.


While I did enjoy her, her character’s arc did have a satisfying conclusion.


It does sound interesting. The problem with a lot of shows on these subjects is they are very cursory because they don’t really know their stuff. That shouldn’t happen with the people they’ve lined up.

Mark Gatiss (writer and actor on Sherlock and Dr Who) did a series on horror films a few years back that was good as he really knows the subject. I found it’s on Youtube.



Can’t wait!




there is a whole genre of fiction devoted to this. A lot of people have spent a great deal of time examing this.



An interview they gave reveals they’re going for the “lost order” premise that Harry Turtledove used


I read the book by John Douglas that it was based on. It was an interesting but very depressing read.


I really enjoyed that when it was on, I might re-watch it. Despite knowing a lot of the history before I watched, he had some cool things to add that I didn’t know, but moreso, his delivery was really assured, so it felt as strong as documentary series presented by an expert but with a tiny dollop of Gatiss style performance/charm on top in just the right measure (though mostly straight). Really enjoyable.



I will watch that.


I am a fan of Aaron McGruder so I would totally check this out. Man, I miss Boondocks.



The McGruder-less last season of The Boondocks was just awful.

Black Jesus was funny though.


Well, that title just became an unfortunate pun


The Knights of the Zodiac will be back, thanks to Netflix

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