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Hooo boy.

Now they can add in half baked plot points to engender further seasons.



Oh, thank you, Alan Moore. Thank you so bloody much!


Because if anyone can improve on Alan Moore, it’s Damon Lindelof!


Half baked? You want me to heat those up for you?







I haven’t watch The Jump at all, but I do wonder How the hell did anybody think this was a good idea?

A programme where celebrities compete in doing ski jumps? What could possibly go wrong? :roll_eyes:

But 34 contestants, including actress Tina Hobley and Strictly Come Dancing star Ola Jordan, have been injured.

Jordan suffered a leg injury while former Coronation Street star actress Hobley broke her arm in two places.

There have also been injuries to:

Former gymnast Beth Tweddle - broke two vertebrae in neck and had to have part of her hip removed

Former swimmer Rebecca Adlington - dislocated shoulder

Made in Chelsea star Mark-Francis Vandell - fractured ankle

Former athlete Linford Christie - pulled hamstring

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding - injured ligament

Model Heather Mills - knee and thumb injury

Who ran this show, The Joker? At what point do you say, “You know what, let’s pull the plug on this dangerous idea?” Apparently after 34 injured contestants.

I am just… I can’t really comprehend the level of insanity required from all involved :confused:


I heard the injury list a while back and felt it would be impossible to insure after a while. So the end is not a surprise.

It does give some perspective on how brave Eddie the Eagle actually was back in the day to just have a crack at it.


And yet, nothing as bad as the injury Rav Wilding got from doing ITV’s Splash.

Madness that The Jump continued for so long though. It was blatantly only getting viewers in a rubbernecking the scene of an accident way.


It seems like a really good way to rid the world of pointless Z-list celebs. Presumably it got cancelled because they couldn’t actually kill anyone.


Hell, I saw that movie and it did a really did a good job of showing how catastrophic the effects could be if done wrong.

And they made a game show of it?

Hot damn. Sounds like a skit from 30 Rock.


All reality TV is car crash TV, they just haven’t made the show where they really crash cars.


I have a genuine problem with it, they will let the bad things happen to people because it’s “good TV”, and if “bad” isn’t going to happen they will manipulate situations to make “bad” more likely.


Palahniuk beat them too it - with Party Crashing in Rant.
But knowing us, the reality will end up being worse.


Yeah that’s nuts too.

This is Tom Daley who is an Olympic medallist:

‘We hit the water at 35mph and it takes 1.6 seconds from the top to the bottom,’ .
‘You hit the water and pretty much stop straight away so it’s not easy on your body.
‘There’s only a certain amount the human body can take, and the constant twisting and turning can really affect your body. I’ve had all sorts wrong with me.
‘I’ve torn my tricep, a degenerative disc and a disc bulge in my back all because of the constant hitting of the water.

He’s been competing internationally since he was a kid, so then naturally you base a show around amateur D-list celebrities having a crack with a few days training.

It seems fortunately this trend has been short lived because I would fear they’d have another Late Late Breakfast Show incident (where in the 80s they had members of the public try stunts and one of them died live on air when it went wrong).