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Back in 2004, this was made by a black director:


I think Spike Lee was involved in that. It was not good iirc.


No, I really didn’t like it. It felt like a cheap exploitation of the theme, complete with tv-commercials for slaves and buying insurance thereof. Iirc…


That said…the Southern Victory novels do a whole set of intrigue into this type of plot by making it factor into the geo-politcal climate

Of course this is me saying that this could be taken interesting places - but the stated style for the show sounds generic and overall not really warranting the plot they want.



That sounds…really dumb.








Thriller is so perfect there.


That Stranger Things trailer couldn’t be more perfect. Holy hell this is a good time to be alive.



Where. The. Hell. Is. Season. Two?

(Not that it’s Paul fault of course)

Why are Syfy and Netflix screwing around on this? Get it up, get it so it can be seen internationally and maybe that audience will continue to give a crap about it next year.

Alternatively - or in combination with - region 2 DVDs, get those out too. You want to make money out of it? That’s how.


I just Googled. The suggestion was the Netflux August list comes out in a few days and it’s likely to be on there

We shall see.


I’m right there with you Ben.


Having come from the movie news thread, this Stranger Things trailer has all the weight of the era in it that Ready Player One is lacking. I’d love to watch this on the big screen.


Future Man trailer is painfully unfunny and isn’t charming enough to make that okay, but the Orville trailer is much better than the first one from a few months ago.