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Maybe the head of the religious delegation to the Behemoth?, but that’s not as big a role. Hoping we hear about Anna’s casting soon too.


Yeah Claire too. Those two castings will definitely be the most important.


I’ve seen some speculation that they’ll use the same actress as Julie, as she was still a regular in S2 despite barely appearing.


I hope not. I wasn’t really taken with that actress. Plus isn’t the character supposed to be significantly younger?



Yeah. But at least the showrunner was also producer/writer on Fargo and Legion (as well as the Altered Carbon series that unfortunately isn’t out yet). So there’s a good chance it’ll take a few weirdness risks more than your run-of-the-mill TV show woujld.


This definitely feel like a low point for television and the media.


You don’t have Love Island in the US, do you?


No, but I think that would be preferable to the OJ hearing being televised.


Nope but we did have Take Me Out for a bit.


Well, at least it won’t be pre-empting any soaps this time.


In the new Ducktales, Donald Duck is the Louis C.K. of Duckburg


Now I need to go listen to the moon theme!





More people would choose to be caned while naked in a public square rather than expose their true finances!


Chris Evans? Well now the BBC looks really stupid.


For that money they could have got John Cena…

I’m a bit surprised to see that Peter Capaldi is on approx. 250K…I would have expected that to be higher.


Maybe they thought he was the one playing Captain America?