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Is he gonna be the requisite “counselor who ends up mercilessly merkd”?


It’s not really clear. He could be a new character.


Article says he plays a paid driver of some sort.

Huh, that’s weird since outside of the counselors there’s no real adult presence like that in the show.


I highly doubt they are following the actual story and progression of the British version. I’m sure they will use it as a template and take tremendous liberties with it hoping to pull in fans of the original while intriguing a new audience.


Ah, well thankfully they got someone from iZombie.
A show which excelled in that.

Now for Nathan, since that other kid is Simon apparently.


That sucks about Daniel Dan Kim. I’ve enjoyed him through the years… I feel like the MCU could use him.


Yeah it does.

Just caught up on this thread and I’m inclined to call bullcrap on the network’s stance of the two being “only supporting” characters, when you’ve got a team of 4 cops, you have, in effect 4 leads, especially after 7 years of developing the characters.

Sad to hear Masi moved on too, losing Max will blow a hole in the show for me. Losing these two even more so, as the Steve-Danny banter isn’t enough on its own to make the show work.






I can’t help but be reminded of:

(My search also brought up this version which is… a little different.)


That ending was followed up with one of the worst sequels in the history of film.


Yes. Yes it was.


Waitaminnit - they made a sequel to the end of the world?

Who do they think they are, the third original Apes film?



Yes, please.


I’ve no idea how that will work in live-action, but it could be great.


You do fear it may be watered down as it’s pretty weird stuff in both story and visually. Good luck to them though.