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I’ve never watched Hawaii Five-0, but Daniel Day Kim and Grace Park would have probably been the only reason I might have watched it since they’re the only actors in the cast I’m familiar with and I have generally enjoyed their previous work. A shame the network wouldn’t actually give them equal pay. Especially after 7 years.



That’s odd framing for the story. I used to watch the show from time to time as my dad liked it. There are quite a few non-white characters on the show but none are as prominent as Kim and Park. It is problematic that there are not more higher profile Asian characters on the show but I’m not sure giving them as admittedly supporting characters pay parity with the leads fixes that.


If a supporting character appears on a show more often than one of the main characters are they still a supporting character?


I dunno. Does that happen here? It’s honestly been a long time since I’ve seen the show.


Let’s use a real example to make the point:

Wilson from Home Improvement, Supporting or Main?


Scott Caan’s contract means that he takes five episodes off every season.


That’s odd. I was mostly taking the article at face value. It seems the real issue isn’t raises as it says they were offered substantial raises. The issue at hand is pay parity with the leads. If they actually feature more than one of the two leads, that seems like a different issue to be seen as leads. It’s the difference in wanting to same salary as a coworker just because you think you should have it and wanting it because your doing the same job.


Not until 2019, but should be good.


The network wasn’t willing to adjust the structure of how the paid the actors. I get that it’s a process of barter and that once a precedent has been set it opens the door to others who will want the same but, in this case, it seems they chose the wrong part of the budget to stick on.

As the article says, they already lost Masi Oka last year (that doesn’t seem to have been a salary issue though), so it just makes the network look bad when only their asian actors are leaving.



Episodes is everything the Joey spin-off should have been.

Can’t wait for Season 5, and cannot believe it will be the last. Looks like a good note though.


Shit, I need to catch up on that show!


The last season ended in March 2015, so it’s not like you haven’t had time.


We always take the greatness is life for granted though :wink:



The perpetual headline problem remains with this story (using on-demand doesn’t mean you aren’t using a TV set, I have 3 in my house set up with Chromecasts, I’m not watching shows on a phone when I have a 50 inch TV).

That aside though it shows a radical shift that I think a lot of pundits, and even viewers can’t quite get to grips with yet. We are still quoting ‘on air’ Doctor Who ratings when most viewers don’t watch it that way.


This is from 2014 but shows that some are looking forward:


I think in many cases the networks are onto it. I think the media reporting about it is behind.

The BBC were the first to put all shows on demand. They moved an entire channel youth centred channel online. They have a certain luxury in that they don’t need a direct commercial return but I don’t think reporting has caught up with them.


I like Foley, but I’ve never seen him in a show like this, aside from small guest roles on things like Justified. Always happy to see him get work though.