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The Sci-fi miniseries of Dune was a much more successful adaptation of the novel (if clearly done on a relatively low budget), and Children of Dune did a very good job on Dune Messiah - and I prefer the TV version of Children to the novel!

Similarly, the CG animated Starship Troopers is a better rendition of the story than the movie, though it is still largely just guys fighting bugs. It keeps more elements of the book’s themes in terms of esprit de corps, but it isn’t anywhere near a straight adaptation

The less said about the anime, the better. At least it has cool power armour…


Those Dune miniseries were good given the budget they had to work with. Dune on HBO could work well.


That first miniseries remains one of the Sci-Fi Channel/SyFy’s highest rated shows, so they did something right.




No-one seems particularly bothered to see him get locked in, if that helps. Spence aside, I thought the show was excellent. Ayoade was a weird choice to host it, but is fantastic and the the new Maze feels really authentic to the original.


Yeah, I ended up catching it on More 4 last night. It was pretty good and I totally picked up on the fact no one was bothered by Spence being locked in.



An interesting video on television writing


Good move by Netflix to give the show some closure.





That show is so damn awesome.



Didn’t think there’d be a third season.


HBO started talking about another season in the last couple months.


They have a brand that people liked enough the first time, and wanted to like the second time.

They’re willing to roll the dice and see if they can get it right again. I hope they can.


Caspere knew this.