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Alright, time to hear Hallelujah again



Probably they realized the damned thing is almost impossible to film and too esoteric. Which is why I love it.


Foundation, Hyperion and Childhood’s End seem like difficult properties to adapt. Starship Troopers and Dune have more obvious appeal, but even they have been serious challenges to bring to the screens.

Just make a WARHAMMER 40K series. It pretty much covers all of them, but with more war. More war is all you need.


Kind of an odd example to bring up, given the movie has almost nothing in common with the book beyond the title. With that strategy, anything is adaptable and appealing!


My point was that even Starship Troopers and Dune were “challenges” to bring to the screen despite being much more natural fits for film. Neither movie really successfully adapted the novels and neither was successful commercially.

However, the novels certainly fit in with Foundation, Hyperion, Childhood’s End as SF classics of that period.


Foundation and the Robot novels need the full Game of Thrones treatment. Start with Caves of Steel and move along! It should be about Season 4 when we meet Hari Seldon. But I can’t wait for Daneel and particularly Giskard. I always have had a particular fondness for Giskard!


Not that difficult:


Foundation actually doesn’t seem particularly difficult to adapt, provided you don’t stick too close to the actual plots of the book - which I wouldn’t, in this case. Take the concept and some of the characters and see what you can do as a series. And I think it would actually be a natural fit for a series format, because such a lot of big things happen, by and by. And the basic concept is pretty great.


Still, the end results of Starship Troopers and Dune are dramatically different from each other, as Dune actually tried to bring a lot of aspects of the novel to the screen. Starship Troopers avoided basically the entire novel aside from the idea of space marines and “bugs”, but even with the bugs lost the whole simile with Chinese communists (thankfully).

Was Starship Troopers ever considered a classic in that time, prior to the cult status of the film? I’ve read Heinlein pretty extensively, but only ever got the feeling that Stranger From a Strange Land left any lasting literary impact.


The Mule Saga needs to be depicted in full or no deal :wink:


Yeah Stranger is probably his only book that’s really considered a literary classic.


No love for Glory Road? That would make a great movie!



Written by Jeffrey Lieber (Lost, NCIS: New Orleans), Jason Horwitch (Marvel’s Luke Cage), and Gary Spinelli from a story by Lieber, and directed by Liman (Bourne Identity), Impulse is based on the third novel in the Jumper series by Steven Gould. It features a rebellious 16-year-old girl, Henry (Maddie Hasson) who has always felt different from her peers and has longed to escape from her seemingly quaint small town. She soon discovers she has the extraordinary ability to teleport.

Rounding out the cast of the series are Missi Pyle, Sarah Desjardins, Enuka Okuma and Craig Arnold. David James Elliott is set to recur.

It’s funny that Lieber gets Lost as his main credit, as he had no involvement in the show at all. He just wrote the original pilot script that was completely re-written by Abrams. His script was just “Survivor as a drama”.


I saw a clip of him dancing around and that convinced me not to bother with it. If he’s only in it for the first 15 min though…


He comes back later, but his time in detention seems to have calmed him down.


Well, maybe a little bit difficult…


Not a surprise, but good to have confirmation.


Very welcome news.