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No other details other than that it’ll be Sherlock-style short seasons of 90-minute episodes.


Jekyll was pretty great until the nonsensical twist at the end so I’m definitely interested in seeing Moffat’s take on Dracula.


Interesting to see Moffat move on to another property like this (his relatively-unknown Jekyll springs to mind).

I look forward to it, it has the potential to be fun.


When was the last version on TV? Three or four years ago?

I’ll give it a go anyway.


That sounds interesting.

If anyone is interested, Mark Gatiss played Dracula in an audio adaptation for Big Finish a couple of years ago. I thought it was great and properly creepy. He was great as Dracula.


The Jonathan Rhys-Meyers series was in 2013-14. I don’t think anyone really remembers it though.

It’ll be interesting to see if this will be another modern re-imagining like Sherlock and Jekyll. That’s less distinctive with Dracula, who’s been depicted so often.


Oh, I do. It was such a trainwreck… ELECTRICITY!


Dracula is tough to get right, he barely appears in the novel, he’s a reason why things happen, far more than he is a character. A McGuffin with sharp teeth.




The Top 5 Actors We Want to See Play Dracula in the New Series From the ‘Sherlock’ Team

Maybe one actor on that list I agree with.


Who is your one?

The list are all good actors but it doesn’t seem to be more than a random list of those. You are taking very different approaches to cast either Charles Dance or Naomie Harris.

I hope they cast someone who isn’t too popular so they don’t face the delays Sherlock has, especially now that Moffat has more time on his hands.



You know, after all those years of saying that it’d work better as a miniseries and then getting the Snyder movie… I don’t know, man. I think it’d better be left alone.

On the other hand… yeah, sure there’s an attraction to the idea of building this world properly, get it right this time around, and be able to tell all the little stories.

Still. Commercially, it’s a failed movie (artistically, that’s open to debate). It seems weird that HBO would be looking at doing this.


Well, at least we’ll see how Lindelof manages to take a story that has a definite ending and obfuscate it under a ton of red herrings and deliberately unresolved plot threads.


Guess what panel from Watchmen I’m going to post in response to this.


I had that panel in mind when I posted!

(Because, of course the point of Watchmen is partially that the world keeps on turning after issue 12 ends, hence Jon’s line to Adrian, and Seymour finding Rorschach’s journal in the slush pile at New Frontiersman, but the ending of the story is the emotional and ethical crisis point when Dan, Laurie, Rorschach and Jon confront Adrian, all in their own way)


Charles Dance was great in ‘Dracula Untold’. I’d watch a whole film with him as a vampire. He was the older version of the archetype to a tee. Nosferatu lurking in the darkness.

And Naomie Harris as a vampire. Different film though, but potentially as awesome.

I want the squid.


I’ll check with the kitchen.

And what will you have to start?


Often… I have squid.


Ha! You’re saying this sarcastically, but I think it’d actually be pretty cool to see him do that thing on a story whose ending doesn’t disappoint.

Suddenly, I can see this working!