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Definitely watch the first one! The reason behind Keanu Reeves shooting everyone is something you’ll definitely get!!


I think I know the basic idea…I suspect that this one that I will be watching without Mrs. Jones.

Benjie and Skyla are fairly obvious to that sort of stuff.


Lovejoy is in it if that changes anything :wink:


Other than making everything better, you mean?



The first of Blomkamp’s Osats Studios short films;


Oh my God… What sort of Sick Doggy snuff movie is this? :scream:.


Well… that was… a thing. Probably not the best move spending nearly half your 20 minute short film on set up VO.



My wife is not going to be happy about this.


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What is your favorite Keanu Reeves film?

this reminds me of her character of Justified and brings back great memories of that show.


Just don’t have any of her apple pie moonshine.


Here in the states Dark Matter and Killjoys are on SyFy. I am a little annoyed having to wait for Killjoys but enjoyed Dark Matter last weekend. The Raza vs 4 will be interesting.

Syfy started two other shows this week as well. I enjoy Wynonna Earp and am intrigued about the new direction. the other show is called Blood Drive. They say it is done in a Grindhouse style. It came on at 11 pm. It pushes the limit on every censurable topic. F-Bombs drop often, Blood and guts are shown all the time and nudity and sexual situations are frequent. Their use of black bars during the sex scenes is almost amusing considering the size of those bars. the story is about a race and the lead driver is quite attractive.

I took it for what it is worth but the main question I had was if this can drop F bombs without censoring why can’t they show The Magicians at the same time and remove the censoring on that show. I don’t know if I will continue to watch it but i will see if they can make any kind of plot going forward.


The cast has been announced for the US version of Taskmaster:

Lisa Lampanelli
Freddie Highmore
Ron Funches
Dillon Francis
Kate Berlant

I’m not that familiar with Lampanelli or Francis, but I like Funches and Berlant. Highmore’s an odd choice, but he could be good. He’s a great actor at least.


I’m not familiar with any of them. Wait, Freddy Highmore off Bates Motel? Weird.


Edit: I could have just posted about this normally but I, too, have jumped the shark.